Executive Briefing Center

Aruba Networks invites you to experience cutting edge, multi-vendor enterprise mobility solutions at its Executive Briefing Center (EBC) located in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

The EBC features a series of multi-vendor mobility experiences that are ready for use in your specific business environment to boost productivity, reduce costs and increase customer interactions. Jointly created by Aruba and our multiple best-in-class technology partners, the mobility experiences consist of live demonstrations of how mobility solutions can impact your business.

Located at Aruba’s headquarters, the EBC provides the opportunity to engage with Aruba’s executive staff to discuss latest industry insights and technology roadmaps.

To ensure productive use of your time while you are here, the Aruba’s EBC Concierge is equipped to host a multi-vendor discussion under the same roof. All you need to do is to state the topics and vendors you want to cover and our EBC Concierge will facilitate executive staff attendance from any of our ecosystem partners.

To schedule your visit, please contact your Aruba representative or email us at ebc@arubanetworks.com.

Multi-Vendor Mobility Experiences

  • Anywhere Office

    An increasingly mobile workforce needs secure, anywhere access to job-critical resources. This experience highlights the power of Virtual Branch Networking (VBN) and features user-friendly unified communications.

  • Connected Classroom

    Multimedia teaching tools enrich classrooms and empower educators to connect with students. This experience highlights the power of adaptive 802.11n networking and multi-channel, high-definition streaming video.

  • Care Without Boundaries

    The days are long gone when each healthcare application required its own network. This experience demonstrates how multi-use wireless technology supports simultaneous real-time telemetry, video, voice, and data applications.

  • Store of the Future

    It’s now possible to both enrich the shopping environment and significantly lower operating expenses. This experience shows how wireless mobile computing technology engages customers and streamlines store operations.

  • Efficient Supply Chain

    Supply chain optimization is driven by improved workflows and productivity enhancements. This experience demonstrates how secure wireless data capture, voice communications, and video monitoring can boost efficiency and reduce errors.

  • Next-Generation Access Networks

    Wireless mobility has taken the world by storm, leaving in its wake legacy wired networks that see less usage yet consume budgets, energy, and space. This experience graphically shows how wireless users can be better served, expenses shaved, and carbon footprints reduced by rightsizing networks based on where they’re needed most.

Executive Briefing Center Healthcare demo facility

Executive Briefing Center Healthcare demo facility

An Ecosystem Of Partners

Tailoring a solution to meet an end user’s needs requires an ecosystem of partners with complementary, interoperable products and applications. Under the auspices of the ArubaEdge™ Partner Program, we’ve assembled a consortium of best-in-class partners, whose devices and applications are certified by Aruba to interoperate on its secure mobility infrastructure.

The program takes the guesswork out of building multi-vendor mobility solutions, and the experiences on display in the EBC are a testament to the value of this ecosystem. Certified Partners build devices or applications, while Solution Partners build complete end-to-end solutions: the EBC experiences include a blend of both. In addition to supporting the EBC experiences, with advanced notice Partners are also available to participate in EBC briefing sessions.

Fully Equipped Facilities Complete With A Concierge

The EBC’s state-of-the-art demonstration facilities highlight multi-vendor integrated solutions working in concert. By its very design the facility fosters creativity and innovation, and is an ideal setting for roadmap presentations and executive brainstorming sessions about the future direction of technology and mobility.

The EBC can accommodate meetings from one to 120 participants. The full-service facility includes four multimedia briefing rooms equipped with video teleconferencing, a theatre seating area, a putting green, and catered food and beverage service. A well-equipped video studio can be used to host executive interviews, film case studies, or stream panel discussions.

A dedicated EBC Concierge handles all EBC scheduling, visitor check-in, presenter coordination, catering, and event planning. No detail is overlooked, no agenda items left open, to ensure that every EBC experience is the best possible.

The EBC Concierge sees that every guest experience is tailored to his or her needs and requests. From the topics discussed to the configuration of the application experience to the roster of speakers – even the meal selection. Everything is fashioned to address of the objectives of the guest.

Aruba believes in giving back to the community that it serves. In addition to planning standard briefings, the EBC Concierge can help coordinate special end customer events such as university alumni association gatherings or executive education forums. Facility use for such gatherings is based on availability – please contact the EBC Concierge for details.

Easy To Find

The EBC is located in Aruba’s corporate headquarters at 1344 Crossman Avenue in Sunnyvale, California. The location is convenient to both the San Jose Airport (13 miles), and the San Francisco International Airport (29 miles).

  • San Jose Airport:

    Take US-101 North towards San Francisco. Take exit 395 (Fair Oaks Avenue), and then turn right on North Fair Oaks Avenue. Turn right again on Crossman Avenue. The facility will be on your right.

  • San Francisco International Airport:

    Take US-101 South towards San Jose. Take exit 395A (Fair Oaks Avenue North) and merge onto North Fair Oaks Avenue. Turn right on Crossman Avenue. The facility will be on your right.

Map of Aruba Networks

Map of Aruba Networks

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Scheduling An Experience

Should you have any questions or wish to schedule an EBC experience, please contact the EBC Concierge at concierge@arubanetworks.com.