Partner Executives, Sales & Marketing Professionals

  • Partner Executives, Sales & Marketing Professionals


    Join the new Partner Ready for Networking community at Atmosphere 2017. In our biggest partner event ever, you will get the knowledge and tools to gain an edge in the fast-growing enterprise mobility and IoT market. New opportunities and innovation in partner-ready solutions, mobile competencies and expanded services will empower you to win in the mobile first world.

    Conference fee: 550 Euro SOLD OUT

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    Turn Market Trends into Opportunities for Your Business
    Your most successful business strategy pivots around the vision and choices of your potential customers. Join this session to gain insight on market intelligence and trends, customer buying tendencies, vendor positioning and use cases.

    Aruba’s Mobile First Network Infrastructure Solutions – Selling Scenarios
    Learn how to change your networking sales conversations from a speeds and feeds dialogue to a business value driven conversation. In this session, we’ll discuss selling scenarios for the Aruba wired and wireless campus portfolio and how to better differentiate and position our solutions.

    Engage the Opportunity from the SMB Market 
    The market for selling enterprise mobility solutions into small and midsize business is growing. We invite you to join with Aruba to capture this opportunity. Join this session to learn trends in the SMB market, winning strategies to meet customer networking needs, and actions for successfully reaching new sales prospects.

    Maximize Your Revenue Potential with Partner Ready for Networking
    Aruba’s Partner Ready for Networking offers you a broad range of opportunities to expand your networking practice and revenue. Join this session to learn how you can leverage Aruba’s Partner Ready for Networking to grow your bottom line.

    Build a Managed Services Practice with Aruba
    Customer buying is trending towards simple and consumption-based. Learn how Aruba’s turnkey managed services platform along with flexible purchasing models can help you spin up a profitable network managed services practice in no time.

    Grow Your Share of Wallet with Upselling and Cross-Selling
    The combination of mobility and wired networking solutions create a more compelling story and opportunity for you to upsell and cross-sell. Join this session to hear and interact with Aruba Territory Managers as they share their successes in expanding opportunities with Aruba Mobile First solutions.

    Win Against the Competition in the Enterprise
    According to Forrester, 71% of enterprises believe mobility is a top business priority. Join this session to learn about our key competitive differentiators and how to sell the value of Aruba’s solution in the Enterprise.

    Win Against the Competition in the SMB market
    Learn how best to position the Aruba solutions against the competition in the SMB market. We will highlight key differentiators that will help you win deals and build a strong mobility practice.

    Boost SMB productivity with Office 365 and Aruba Instant
    Help increase employee collaboration and productivity in small to mid-sized offices by providing a mobile-first experience that automatically detects and prioritizes Office 365 and voice services over Wi-Fi for a truly “better together” experience.

    Growing your pipeline with Aruba Marketing Services
    Join this session to learn about the different marketing services Aruba offers to partners to engage with customers and prospects to identify new opportunities to grow your pipeline

    Partner Branded Services
    Partner-Branded Support for Networking (PBS) is a collaborative channel program providing HPE backline support to eligible partners, enabling you to deliver your own support services to end-customers on approved HPE products. Join this session to learn how to complement your solution sales with additional services.

    Solutions and Products

    Aruba’s Mobile First Platform – Introduction
    In this session, you’ll learn about Aruba’s Mobile First architecture approach, the business applications of our Mobile First Platform and the open APIs and our rich ecosystem of partnerships that will help you expand your share of wallet.

    Secure Mobile and IoT with Latest Innovations in ClearPass
    IoT is today’s new worry. This session helps you understand what we’ve added to gain better device visibility, enforce wired and wireless policies, and create automated workflows that better protect customer networks. Also, find out what we’ve added that gets you into competitively held accounts.

    Improve End-user Experiences with Latest Innovations in network management with AirWave
    Todays’ digital workplace management tools must include more than infrastructure management. Learn how to enhance user experience with proactive troubleshooting of application issues, insights in client behavior, and better capacity planning.

    Aruba’s Cloud Innovations for Managing Wired and Wireless Networks
    Customers are increasingly asking about centralized cloud management. Learn about our latest innovations in Aruba’s cloud networking solution that will enable you to offer enhanced network management and additional networking features – all in the cloud.

    Enable Location and Mobile-based Services with Meridian
    See how Meridian, Aruba Beacons and our latest product offerings help enhance shopper, employee, and visitor experiences via wayfinding, push notifications and more. Also learn how to you can offer long-lasting mobile apps with Meridian App Maker.

    Ten Talk: Mobile First Platform – What’s New
    Our mobile first platform has evolved significantly over the last 12 months, bringing our wired and wireless portfolios even closer together. This session highlights 3 key innovations that makes Aruba more competitive and will have our competitors heading back to the drawing board.

    Ten Talk: Top trends in different verticals
    When customers see you solving business problems instead of just selling technology, you gain access to different stakeholders in the business. People interested in how you can help them differentiate their business and not just those interested in how much discount they can get. Come to this session to see three examples of how Aruba vertical solutions can help you unlock new customer opportunities.

    Ten Talk: 3 Ways ClearPass Opens Doors
    If your customer has committed to another vendor or you simply missed out on their refresh cycle then it could be a while before opportunity knocks with this customer again. You need a different approach and a different kind of conversation. Aruba ClearPass, with multi-vendor wired or wireless network support gives you just that. Come to this session to learn three ways Aruba ClearPass opens doors to revenue today and lays the foundations for more tomorrow.

    Vertical Solutions

    Improving the visitor experience and powering business insights in Retail with location based services
    Retailers are shifting significant investment dollars to customer experience technologies to help them effectively compete with online shopping. In this session, we will discuss the macro trends driving this change and Aruba solutions that can help your customers bridge the gap between physical and digital in retail.

    Mobile First Education: Aruba Solutions Make the Grade!
    In this session, you will learn what is top of mind for decision makers and buyers in education customer. Understand the Aruba solutions designed to deliver the scale and reliability needed to promote digital learning opportunities. Whether is is for students, faculty, campus departments or guests wherever they are, IT departments need to provide great user experiences

    Supporting Today’s Mobility Challenges in Healthcare
    Healthcare organizations require a more efficient means of providing patient care. Increasingly, clinicians are using mobile devices to access Electronic Health Records and we see more biomedical devices connecting to the network, both wireless and wired. Additionally, patients are participating more in their own care and require access to digital collaboration with their providers. Join this session to learn what is driving this transformation and how Aruba solutions enable hospitals and clinics to provide better point of care decision support and improve tools for patient engagement.

    Exceeding Guest Experiences in Hospitality and Public Venues
    In this session, we will discuss the macro trends driving this change and Aruba solutions that can help customers deliver the guest experiences they demand. Today’s users enter hotels, resorts and large public venues (LPV) with multiple devices and expectations to always be connected. Users, expect reliable Wi-Fi. It is important that you understand what is top of mind for decision makers and buyers.