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  • Training@Atmosphere

    Complement your attendance with technical training in one of five areas. These in-depth sessions span one and half days and contain a mix of labs and lectures. Space is limited and attendees must register early to secure their place within these sessions. Note that students are paired up for labs and are assigned one set of equipment per pair.

    Conference fee: 945 Euro

    Topics this year include (click any track below to see the description):

    Mobility Fundamentals 8.0

    The Mobility class covers the elements needed to build a simple Aruba wireless network with an Aruba controller and APs. It includes an introduction to the controller and AP architecture, profiles, roles and captive portal amongst other features. This class covers part of the Implementing Aruba WLANs (IAW) course content.

    • Module 1 – WLAN Fundamentals
    • Module 2 – Mobile First Architecture
    • Module 3 – Mobility Master Configuration
    • Module 4 – Secure WLAN configuration
    • Module 5 – AP Provisioning
    • Module 6 – WLAN Security
    • Module 7 – Firewall roles & policies
    ClearPass Level 1

    The ClearPass level 1 class covers the elements needed to deploy and perform basic provisioning of a ClearPass server. This includes 802.1X with AD integration, Guest, Onboarding, Profiling and Posture. The course is based loosely on the first half of the ClearPass Essentials (CPE) course content.

    • Module 1 – Intro to ClearPass
    • Module 2 – Intro to ClearPass for AAA
    • Module 3 – Active Directory
    • Module 4 – Intro to Guest
    • Module 5 – Intro to OnBoard
    • Module 6 – Intro to Profiling
    • Module 7 – Intro to Posture
    Meridian Fundamentals

    This class provides the basics of using the Meridian app builder and Bluetooth beacons for location and proximity notifications. This class covers part of the Engagement & Analytics Essentials course content.

    • Module 1 – Overview of Meridian/BLE & ALE
    • Module 2 – Maps and Placemarks
    • Module 3 – Pages and Events
    • Module 4 – Beacon Positioning
    • Module 5 – Campaigns and Notifications
    • Module 6 – Beacon Deployment and Installation
    • Module 7 – Beacon Management
    • Module 8 – Integration with ClearPass
    AirWave Fundamentals

    This class provides the elements needed for monitoring an Aruba based wireless network using the AirWave network management tool. This class covers part of the AirWave Installation, Configuration & Use (AICU) course content.

    • Module 1 – Introduction to Airwave
    • Module 2 – Adding Devices to Airwave
    • Module 3 – IAP Organization & Groups
    • Module 4 – Wired device monitoring
    • Module 5 – Visual RF & Visual RF Plan
    • Module 6 – Network Health
    • Module 7 – Client Troubleshooting
    • Module 8 – Rogue Detection & RAPIDS
    • Module 9 – Managing Admin Access, Triggers, Alerts & Reporting
    Aruba Switching Fundamentals for Mobility

    In this course, participants learn about ArubaOS switch technologies including: VLANs, secure access, redundancy technologies such as MSTP, link aggregation techniques including LACP, and switch virtualization with Aruba’s Virtual Switching Framework (VSF). You also learn about IP Routing including static and dynamic IP routing with OSPF. Note that this course is covered in a compressed format and will cover part of the content from the 3 day course.

    • Module 1 – Introduction to HPE Networking
    • Module 2 – Basic Switch setup
    • Module 3 – Secure Management Access
    • Module 4 – Managing software and configurations
    • Module 5 – VLANs
    • Module 6 – Spanning Tree
    • Module 7 – Link Aggregation
    • Module 8 – Routing
    • Module 9 – Virtual Switching Framework (VSF)
    Instant AP & Central Fundamentals

    This course provides an introduction to Instant APs and Aruba Central for network management. It includes configuration of Instant AP WLANs, Captive Portal, Firewall, VPN as well as Instant Zero-touch provisioning and configuration.

    • Instant Module 1 – Intro to IAP
    • Instant Module 2 – Instant WLAN
    • Instant Module 3 – Captive Portal
    • Instant Module 4 – Firewall
    • Instant Module 5 – User troubleshooting
    • Instant Module 9 – Instant AP VPN
    • Central Module 1 – Intro to Central
    • Central Module 2 – Setup & Zero-touch provisioning
    • Central Module 3 – Configuration
    Exam @ Atmosphere

    Thursday, May 11th
    Exam fee: Free of charge (excluding accommodation)

    Register your interest to attend the (ACDX / ACCX / ACMX) certification exam. After you have registered your interest, Aruba will be reaching out to you for additional information. Final registration for the exam will be at the discretion of Aruba and is based on the available exam seats and pre-required knowledge.

    Available exams:

    • ACDX Exam: Aruba Certified Design Expert (ACDX) validates your technical ability to architect large, extended campus and remote WLANs. ACMP is a prerequisite for this certification.
    • ACMX Exam: Aruba Certified Mobility Expert (ACMX) tests your technical expertise in implementing and troubleshooting large-scale WLANs. ACMP and the ACMX written exam are both prerequisites for this certification.
    • ACCX Exam: Demonstrate your ClearPass proficiency with this hands-on lab where you must prove your ability to design and deploy a ClearPass based infrastructure.