Access Points


Delivering enterprise-grade Wi-Fi that everyone can trust

Aruba 802.11ac and 802.11n access points (APs) deliver superb Wi-Fi performance to a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments.

Aruba access points leverage patented ClientMatch™ technology to ensure that devices are connected to the best AP, which prevents the Wi-Fi network from slowing down as people move throughout your campus.

To ensure predictable Wi-Fi performance, Aruba’s next-generation mobility firewall leverages deep packet inspection (DPI). It classifies traffic by application or application groups so that you can apply prioritization and policies based on your business needs.

To secure the air, Aruba access points support RFProtect™, which provides integrated wireless intrusion protection and spectrum analysis capabilities.

With flexible deployment options, enterprise-class Aruba access points can be controlled locally or remotely by centralized Aruba Mobility Controllers or operate in controllerless Aruba Instant™ mode.

802.11ac and 802.11n Indoor Access Points

Aruba 220 Series Access Points

For the ultimate enterprise-grade Wi-Fi, the 220 series supports the maximum density of 802.11ac and 802.11n clients while optimizing wireless performance. It even boosts 802.11n device performance by up to three times. Learn More

210 Series Access Points

Featuring dual concurrent 3×3 MIMO radios with three spatial streams, Aruba 210 series APs offer a cost-effective way to maximize mobile device performance in medium-density, high-performance Wi-Fi environments. Learn More

200 Series Access Points

Multifunctional and affordable 200 series 802.11ac wireless APs maximize mobile device performance in medium-density enterprise Wi-Fi environments. Learn More

130 Series Access Points

High-performance 802.11n wireless coverage for high densities of devices. Learn More

110 Series Access Points

High-performance 802.11n access points that provide maximum wireless LAN coverage while minimizing RF interference from LTE cellular networks. Learn More

100 Series Access Points

Low-cost 802.11n Wi-Fi access points for devices in the 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz bands. Learn More

103 Series Access Points

Cost Effective Dual-Band Coverage In Low-Density Enterprise Wi-Fi Environments Learn More

103H Access Point

Cost-effective 802.11n dual-band, dual-radio coverage for low-density Wi-Fi client environments in dormitories, classrooms, hotels, medical clinics and multitenant environments. Learn More

Outdoor Access Points

270 Series Access Points

Aesthetically-designed 270 series APs deliver gigabit Wi-Fi performance to 802.11ac and 802.11n clients in some of the harshest outdoor environments. Its innovative industrial IP66- and IP67-rated design greatly simplifies outdoor installation. Learn More

175 Series Access Points

Designed for outdoor areas, storage yards, warehouses, container and transportation facilities, industrial production areas and other harsh environments. Learn More

Remote Access Points


The RAP-155 Remote Access Point provides high-performance wireless and wired networking for small/medium businesses and branch offices that require fast encrypted throughput. Learn More

RAP-100 Series

RAP-100 series of Remote Access Points delivers secure 802.11n wireless and wired networking to SMBs and access to corporate resources from branch and home offices. Learn More


The RAP-3 Remote Access Point provides secure wired and 802.11n wireless network access for branch offices and teleworker offices. Learn More


Indoor and Outdoor AP Antennas

External antennas for indoor and outdoor APs feature omni-directional and dual-polarized options, a variety of horizontal and vertical beamwidths, RP-SMA and N-type connectors, 3×3 MIMO applications, and support APs operating in the 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz bands. Learn More