Device Health


Enterprise-class endpoint posture and health checks

ClearPass performs automated endpoint health checks and posture assessments to ensure that devices are compliant before they connect to wired and wireless networks. This enterprise-class NAC and NAP framework delivers exceptional protection against vulnerabilities.

Advanced endpoint health checks

In addition to system-wide per-session NAC and NAP, you can specify whether to allow or deny peer-to-peer applications, USB storage devices, virtual machines running on endpoints, bridged network interfaces, registry keys and system processes.

Automatic remediation

If an endpoint is not compliant, the user receives a message about the endpoint status, and the device is automatically remediated. From a centralized dashboard, IT can identify non-compliant device, the reasons for non-compliance and whether they were remediated.

For IT-managed devices and BYOD

Persistent and dissolvable agents can be used together in environments where endpoints are owned by the organization, employees and visitors. This ensures that all devices are assessed and granted proper privileges before accessing the network.

Device operating systems

Supports a wide range of device operating systems, including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 and 2003, Mac OS X, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, Community Enterprise Operating System (CentOS) 4, Fedora Core 5, and SUSE Linux 10.x.