Guest Access


Secure guest access with customizable portals

ClearPass Guest provides secure wireless and wired network access for hundreds of thousands of guests and their mobile devices. Ideal for streamlining workflow processes, ClearPass makes it easy for non-IT staff to create temporary guest accounts for network access.

Customize your look and feel

Skin technology enables the creation of uniquely-branded guest login and device registration portals that conform to corporate guidelines. Information is always displayed accurately, regardless of device type and screen size.

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Enterprise-grade security

Role-based access controls leverage unique per user credentials, sponsor-approval workflows, internal or external identity stores, and baseline AAA RADIUS infrastructure for policy enforcement that separates guest traffic from internal.

Guest self registration

Guests can easily self-register for network access. Once registered, account credentials are delivered via print, SMS text message or email. Accounts can be set to expire automatically after a specified number of hours or days. Sponsored Access Demo Video

In-browser advertising

Engage guests based on their own specific interests. Using individual preferences and information captured via the initial Wi-Fi login page, you can display targeted content and advertising on the initial browser landing page as well as subsequent pages. In-browser Advertising Demo Video

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