ArubaOS is the operating system for all controller-managed wireless LANs. With an extensive set of integrated technologies and capabilities, ArubaOS is able to deliver a wide range of critical campus mobility services, and is designed to easily share rich contextual information with third party business and IT applications in real-time.
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Why move to ArubaOS 8?

ArubaOS 8 can be deployed as a virtual machine running on servers, significantly simplifying moves, adds, and changes in your infrastructure. This gives you flexibility to just buy the licenses you need and install the VMC software to get started, without waiting for controller hardware.
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The next big thing is here — meet the Mobility Master.

Aruba Mobility Master is the next generation of master controller that runs ArubaOS 8 and is deployed as a virtual machine (VM) or hardened server appliance for more memory and compute power. With the Mobility Master, major ArubaOS 8 features can be updated via software without requiring any planned network outages.
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All the insights you need — ready for developers.

Aruba Mobility Master offers real-time access to user, device and app context and infrastructure services via REST API. Our customers and partners can easily integrate Mobility Master to third party systems to ease network management and monitoring. Technology vendors and developers can take advantage of the vast amount of information to power new business and IT facing services.
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Better stability and user experience.

The Mobility Master enables up to 12 controllers to act as a single unit to increase reliability – allowing for hitless failover where users are not affected during a controller failure.
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High performance Wi-Fi — even at high density.

Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) dynamically adjusts the RF environment to maximize Wi-Fi stability and predictability. And the AirMatch technology in Mobility Master further enhances ARM with automated channel optimization, transmit power adjustment and a channel width tuning system that uses dynamic machine learning intelligence to generate an optimal view of the entire Wi-Fi network.
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Access points with multiple tenants.

Enabled via Aruba Mobility Master, Aruba MultiZone allows IT organizations to use the same Aruba access point hardware and offer different wireless networks to terminate on different mobility controllers. This allows for easier implementation of security policies where maintaining data privacy across different networks are important, without the need to install separate wireless networks.


Improve WLAN capacity.

Aruba’s ClientMatch technology eliminates sticky clients and boosts Wi-Fi performance by ensuring that clients associate with the best access point.
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Get insight into the apps on your network.

With AppRF, you can prioritize apps for each user, even the custom ones in ArubaOS 8, offering new levels of quality and security.
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