AirWave network management

AirWave is the only network operations system that centrally manages multivendor wired and wireless networks across any number of locations. It also offers clear visibility into the mobile device and application state with amazing detail.


Simplify management of multivendor networks.

Get granular visibility across your entire access infrastructure and manage multiple generations of wired and wireless networks from just about any vendor – from controllerless to controller-managed and from legacy Wi-Fi to the latest 802.11ac WLANs.
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AirWave lets you monitor client behavior, proactively troubleshoot application issues, and plan for capacity.


Visualize everything, everywhere.

VisualRF lets you see real-time Wi-Fi coverage as well as how devices and apps are performing on a floor plan. In addition to keeping SLAs in the black, you’ll resolve problems faster, reduce helpdesk tickets and make better-informed decisions.
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Global rollouts are a snap.

You can automate configuration management for 25,000 devices and proactively monitor their status across hundreds of locations from a single console.

Troubleshooting made easy.

Search for specific users, gather information about their mobile devices, and diagnose end-to-end connectivity and application performance issues with just one simple click.

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