Remote Networking


Your Wireless LAN, Now In Any Location

If you’re running a Wireless LAN, chances are you are facing challenges with creating the right coverage and capacity model, and connecting the many changing devices to the right resources. Users want access all the time, on any device.

And that’s just at headquarters! What about all the other locations?

Fear not, Aruba Networks can extend your wireless LAN and services from a central location out to users in all locations, including, branch offices, working from home and on the road with mobile devices.

Aruba remote networking solutions let your users work as they choose, without adding extra burden to the IT staff.

Users get:

  • Mobile Unified Communications that works
  • Easy Apple service and DNLA printing, projecting and sharing
  • Single logon and access policy for all networks, everywhere
  • Wi-Fi built to support mobile apps and mobile devices

And the IT department gets:

  • High performance Wi-Fi that works as advertised
  • Home and branch APs that don’t require onsite experts
  • A single network managed with Aruba AirWave™ across all locations, for all locations
  • A choice of controller or controller-less architecture

Aruba Instant

For home users, branches and remote sites, Aruba Instant gives you high performance, resilient Wi-Fi with a secure link to a central site, with no onsite controller hardware needed. And no onsite IT support needed either. Visit the Cloud Wi-Fi site

As an option for sites with only one AP, Aruba access points can also be configured in Remote Access Point mode, managed directly by a central controller.

Aruba VIA (Virtual Intranet Access)

When traveling users need to access resources behind the company firewall, a VPN client is the way to go. Aruba VIA™ client software installs on the industry’s broadest list of mobile devices and automatically connects when needed. Learn more about VIA