ClearPass Guest management

ClearPass Guest lets you give customers, contractors and other visitors secure guest access to wireless and wired networks. Whether you have 25 or 25,000 guests, you’ll create a rich guest experience and easily manage visitor access privileges.


Enterprise-grade security and controls.

Login and traffic encryption options for public networks are included with ClearPass Guest. Automated policy enforcement and quality-of-service controls allow guest access without compromising internal network security and performance.

Create a customized guest access portal.

We make it easy to create a customized guest web portal using your organization’s logo and other distinctive brand elements. It’s equally simple to create unique data-entry fields for guest names, sponsors, email, mobile numbers and acceptance of use.


Complete customization for all device types.

Make it easy to register.

Self-registration, social logins and sponsor options ensure guest access credentials and privileges are enforced for all without burdening your IT helpdesk.

In-browser advertising.

Engage your guests with targeted web-based content and advertising to promote mobile device apps, new products, and special customer loyalty offers.

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