Adaptive Radio Management (ARM)

The most powerful RF management for Wireless LANs

Aruba Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) technology optimizes Wi-Fi network behavior and automatically ensures that Aruba access points stay clear of RF interference, resulting in a more reliable, higher-performing wireless LAN.

Without disconnecting clients or disrupting applications, ARM™ automatically adjusts channel assignments on 802.11ac and 802.11n APs.

Working with ARM, Aruba’s patented ClientMatch™ technology automatically steers devices to the best AP. This boosts WLAN performance and ensures consistent client performance, eliminating sticky client problems once and for all.

Application aware

ARM is the only RF management technology certified to optimize latency-sensitive applications like Microsoft Lync. It dynamically adapts RF scanning and adjusts RF bandwidth available in the presence of mission-critical apps.

No more RF interference

ARM can be used in conjunction with the Aruba RFProtect™ Spectrum Analyzer. While ARM ensures that APs stay clear of interference, the RFProtect Spectrum Analyzer utilizes Aruba APs to identify and classify Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi sources of RF interference.

No waiting for Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a shared resource, so it’s vital for clients to get fair airtime access. ARM maximizes client performance by giving everyone fair access and ensuring that no single client or group of clients monopolizes WLAN resources at the expense of others.