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Tech Briefs

Adaptive Radio Management™ (ARM) is a proven, patented technology that uses automatic infrastructure-based controls to manage the entire RF spectrum. ARM™ dynamically adapts to the RF environment to ensure Wi-Fi stability and predictability, as well as optimal performance for all clients and applications. Read more

ClientMatch™ technology eliminates sticky clients by continuously gathering connection metrics from mobile devices and using this data to steer each one to the best AP and radio on the WLAN. Proactive and deterministic, it provides nonstop Wi-Fi client optimization as users roam and RF conditions change. Read more

AirGroup makes it easy to use Apple Bonjour services at school or at work. Only the necessary set of services is visible to mobile devices, based on user identity and location. Users can self-register AirPlay and AirPrint devices – which are visible across IP subnets – and over-the-air multicast traffic is minimized to boost Wi-Fi performance. Read more

The Aruba wireless LAN platform delivers a complete FIPS 140-2 validated solution that meets the Federal government’s stringent requirements as defined in Department of Defense Directive 8100.2 and its addendum, while addressing 802.11i and non-802.11i compliant devices alike. Read more

This tech brief offers recommendations for deploying third- and fourth-generation video surveillance solutions, also known as IP surveillance. Aruba WLANs are versatile enough to satisfy the demands of a video surveillance application deployment without compromising the QoS, bandwidth and security. Read more

Aruba spectrum analysis capabilities provide a critical layer of visibility into all sources of RF interference and their effects on WLAN performance. Aruba APs scan the spectral composition of 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz radio bands, remotely identify RF interference, classify its sources and provide real-time analysis at the point of the problem. Read more

Aruba offers a comprehensive set of voice-over-Wi-Fi features along with exceptionally highest performance that has been independently verified by leading test labs. With Aruba WLANs, enterprise networks can support today’s wireless voice technology and be prepared for future standards, applications, protocols and developments. Read more

Network Test assessed the RFProtect wireless intrusion protection capabilities that are integrated with ArubaOS, as well as the AirWave network management platform. The tests included a battery of published and unpublished attacks, which were conducted in a 20,000-square-foot over-the-air test bed. Read more