Secure, government-grade mobility and network access solutions

Aruba Networks® has accredited and deployed hundreds of federally-validated and policy-compliant networks for the U.S. government and armed services.

Aruba’s secure mobility infrastructure and client software enable general-purpose commercial mobile devices to access networks that handle classified, sensitive but unclassified and confidential information.

Aruba Mobility-Defined Networks™ unify and automate all aspects of secure mobility – access management, network infrastructure and mobile applications – into one cohesive system for employees, contractors, visitors, and military personnel in garrison or in deployment.

Aruba government solutions leverage contextual data – user roles, device types, application flows, location and time-of-day – to enforce standards-based security and access policies across the network all the way to devices and mobile applications.

Security certifications and compliance

In addition to supporting network industry standards, Aruba is compliant with government security validations and accreditations, including Common Criteria EAL-4, FIPS 140-2 Validation, and DoD directives 8100.2 and 8420.01. See all federal security certifications

Manage policies for tens of thousands of devices

Automated from a single platform, government and armed services IT can easily provision, manage and enforce policies for tens of thousands of commercial mobile devices and perform endpoint posture assessments to ensure security compliance. Learn what else it can do

Securely onboard commercial mobile devices

Ideal for large-scale deployments, Aruba eliminates manual IT tasks by automating the secure onboarding of commercial mobile devices, device configuration and update settings, and compliance monitoring with federal policies Automate device onboarding

Secure and scalable network access for visitors

Automatically provision secure wireless and wired network access for hundreds of thousands of authorized visitors and government contractors. It’s the easiest way to create temporary guest accounts while protecting network data and assets. More about visitor access