Leverage Wi-Fi and indoor location services to create a meaningful mobility experience for patients

As hospitals evolve to meet the growing demand for personalized healthcare, IT holds the key to delivering a mobility experience that clinicians, patients and their families can rely on.

Hospitals can now engage directly with patients on their Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices during visits and clinicians, specialist and administrative staff can focus on collaborating with patients at their bedside.

This new-found mobility gives a big boost to patient satisfaction scores by improving the quality, safety and efficiency of care and by enabling new services that enhance the in-hospital experience.


Deliver Wi-Fi that’s always on, always reliable

Whether in a patient’s room or at a nurse’s station, Aruba 802.11ac Wi-Fi with ClientMatch™ technology ensures that everyone connects to the best-performing AP on the network. Aruba Wi-Fi also features a next-generation mobility firewall that performs deep packet inspection so critical healthcare apps and medical devices get priority treatment.

Improve the quality of patient care

Connect patients, nurses and physicians through their mobile devices to boost the quality of care. The Meridian Mobile App Platform and Aruba Location Services deliver push-notification greetings and indoor navigation so patients can easily find their way to appointments. Aruba even integrates with third-party systems like staff directories, medical notices and social media.

Secure onboard mobile devices

With ClearPass Onboard your medical staff can securely onboard their own mobile devices to the Wi-Fi network. Role-based policies allow doctors, nurses and PAs to access patient records on these devices in compliance with patient privacy regulations. In case of a stolen mobile device, employees or IT can quickly revoke access privileges.

Enable self-service Wi-Fi for visitors

ClearPass Guest lets patients and their families self-register for Wi-Fi access. Patients can Skype and post Facebook updates in minutes with no impact to the performance or security of the Wi-Fi network. Hospitals can even brand and personalize the visitor experience with custom push notifications and other relevant information through a captive web portal or mobile app.