Create an experience guests will write home about.

Let guests connect with anyone and everything at your venue and untether your staff so they can assist visitors anywhere on your property. Keep guests personally engaged during their stay with mobile apps that inspire them to explore and discover all your venue has to offer.


Mobile-first networks for GenMobile travelers.

The explosion of mobile devices has transformed hospitality. Travelers now enter hotels with multiple devices and hospitality venues must give them a stellar Wi-Fi experience and self-service tools to enhance their stay.
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Stop handing out Wi-Fi logins on a piece of paper.

Welcome your guests through a custom-branded captive web-portal where they can get secure Wi-Fi access while you impress them with ads and special offers about your venue. It’s also where you can inspire them to download your venue’s custom mobile app.


The best way to engage guests during their stay.

Venues come to life when guests use your custom-branded mobile app. From the comfort of their smartphones, they can get turn-by-turn directions to amenities and relevant push-notification offers based on their opt-in preferences and real-time location.
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Make your staff mobile.

Go wireless with a secure, PCI-compliant infrastructure that reliably handles mobile booking, check in, point-of-sale, housekeeping, maintenance, engineering and other property management apps.
Emirates Palace Hotel goes wireless

Boost loyalty programs.

Who doesn’t enjoy VIP treatment? Reward guests with personalized push-notification offers based on their preferences and location on your property.
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