Internet of Things


Connect and protect to create a smart workplace.

The Internet of Things can deliver smart spaces — intelligent meeting areas, location services, and real time monitoring are just a few applications that make the workplace more efficient and productive.

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And you thought BYOD was a headache?

With the surge of IoT devices connecting to enterprise networks, conventional BYOD methods of securing access won’t be enough. Safeguard your network with Aruba technologies — 802.11ac, AppRF, SDN, and ClearPass — to make sure devices talk to (and only to!) the things they should.
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Context enhances digital workplace apps.

Knowing who connects, their location, and their device is a powerful tool for user engagement. Send push notifications when a meeting room becomes available. Change digital signage to interest a specific shopper. The possibilities are endless to create the smartest workplace.
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Dynamically interconnect things over your network.

In the new IoT world, sensors and devices often work poorly on enterprise networks and can’t protect themselves. Technologies such as Aruba AirGroup and ClearPass make things like Apple TV and Google Chromecast work securely and as intended.
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Protect the Internet of Things

The network will play a key role in connecting and protecting the diverse range of IoT devices that will transform the workplace.
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