All-Wireless Workplace


Rightsize your network to create the all-wireless workplace

Enterprise IT can now replace nearly all end-user wired network connections with faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Why?

Because desk phones, projectors and audio-video systems are giving way to softphones, unified communication apps like Microsoft Lync, and streaming services like Apple TV.

By rightsizing with Aruba, you can reduce wired connections, save up to 76%, and redirect this savings toward building-out your mobility infrastructure. You’ll have one set of unified access policies for wireless, wired and VPNs, and manage it all from a single platform. Users can even onboard their own devices and get priority treatment for business-critical apps.

Mobile unified communication on smartphones

It’s hugely advantageous to rightsize by replacing desk phones with smartphones that have unified communication apps like Microsoft Lync. You’ll reap a windfall by getting rid of the switch ports those phones were connected to. But can you trust your Wi-Fi to carry voice and video? Learn how Microsoft Lync works over Wi-Fi

Get your apps going

Legions of enterprises are moving business apps to the cloud for easy access by Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices. And that means you need to gauge app usage and performance and make configuration adjustments in real-time to ensure optimal bandwidth, priority and network paths. Learn how to boost app performance over Wi-Fi

Onboard your own device

Forget about manually configuring every mobile device for BYOD. Aruba makes it easy by extending context-aware access policies to every connected device. And that’s good news for IT. Users can onboard their own devices and access certain network resources based on who they are. Learn how to simplify device onboarding