Primary Education


Smart cloud Wi-Fi for smart classrooms

In 2014, most states will need to update their wireless LAN to support Common Core requirements. Aruba cloud-managed WLANs not only meet Common Core standards, they help transform learning.

Smart classrooms

New online testing with tablets and other mobile devices, interactive learning with video, remote classrooms – they all need a high-performance wireless LAN to work well. Aruba Instant wireless LANs offer the fastest connections, with automatic handling of voice and video – so students and teachers get the experience they expect.

A simple way to manage

With the cloud-based Aruba Central services platform, you’ll eliminate the up-front setup while simplify monitoring, troubleshooting, configuration and firmware management. You’ll also be able to centrally manage multiple Instant networks.

Happy device users

Many teachers are using Apple devices for teaching Common Core curriculum. Aruba Instant wireless LANs use AirGroup technology to control who has access to which services. You can prevent unauthorized access while making it safe and easy to print, connect to Apple TV, and share files. So everyone is happy.

Stay in control

New apps on mobile devices bring Common Core to life. Aruba Instant, combined with Stoneware’s LanSchool Lite+, deliver an easy-to-use solution to manage the 21st century classroom. You can share resources and guide learning with the push of a button and take control of student devices from the front of the room.

Easy device onboarding and management

With the ClearPass Access Management System running on your Aruba Instant network, you’ll easily manage devices, apps and network policies that control student activity. You can also securely onboard personal and school-issued devices through a simple captive portal or using full 802.1X. It’s the simplest way to do BYOD and dramatically reduce helpdesk tickets.

Safe web browsing

By integrating with the OpenDNS service, Aruba Instant wireless LANs help schools protect children from inappropriate web sites and content. OpenDNS maintains a list of prohibited web sites and content and when a child attempts to access that page, the web browser prevents it. Students are protected and your schools are CIPA compliant.

No technical degree required

Aruba Instant is designed to get up and running within minutes and without requiring any technical configuration – despite having full mobility functionality. And with the optional free Aruba Activate provisioning service, your Instant APs are preconfigured ahead of time so you can ship them to any location and have anyone plug them in.

Low cost of ownership

Without the cost of a separate controller for Aruba Instant, and with the simple cloud-based Aruba Central management, both hardware and operational costs are kept to a bare minimum, making Aruba cloud Wi-Fi perfect for those with budget constraints.

Investment protection

Because only Aruba offers controllerless and controller-managed Wi-Fi with public cloud, private cloud and on-premises management, you are never locked-in to one architecture. You can mix and match as your network requirements evolve, protecting your investment 100%.