Inspire in-store customers to explore, discover and buy.

Now you can create an unforgettable in-store shopping experience – one that keeps customers coming back for more, strengthens your point-of-purchase influence, and improves your bottom line. Hello brick-and-mortar, goodbye showrooming.


Transform your store into a must-visit destination.

Give customers another good reason to visit your brick-and-mortar store instead of shopping online. Location-aware mobile apps help them quickly find the merchandise they’re looking for – and discover new products and services along the way. America's largest home furnishings store

Give your customers lots of reasons to keep coming back.

Up-level your customer engagement efforts by tempting shoppers with special offers through their smartphones. They simply join your in-store Wi-Fi, download your mobile app, and opt-in to get exclusive push notifications about their favorite products.
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Deliver a world-class experience without breaking the bank.

Now you can support in-store mobility without big up-front costs or an army of engineers. With new managed service options, enterprise-grade mobility and location-based services are now accessible to any business.
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Go with the customer flow.

Sales associates who work the floor have lots of product knowledge to share with customers. Running your mobile point-of-sale over Wi-Fi frees them from wired registers so they can stay with customers and influence sales.
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In-store Wi-Fi in an instant.

Behind every successful storefront is an efficient back-end operation. And nothing’s more heavenly for your backend than self-configuring, self-healing Wi-Fi powered by the cloud. No need to send Wi-Fi technicians to every store.
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The Magic of Bluetooth

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