Make the in-store shopping experience special again

Customers enjoy getting personalized, context-relevant offers from the comfort of their Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices. And associates can engage shoppers, influence sales and complete transactions anywhere on the floor.

The smartest retailers stay ahead of the curve by adopting an in-store mobility infrastructure. One that handles PCI-compliant transactions over the air, accommodates point-of-sale, inventory and other work apps, and engages in-store shoppers with location-aware mobile apps and personal notification offers.

Smart, secure, PCI-compliant Wi-Fi

Forget about static registers. Let associates use tablets with mobile point-of-sale and inventory apps anywhere in the store. Aruba PCI-compliant Wi-Fi protects transactions over the air. When the air gets crowded, our 802.11ac Wi-Fi with ClientMatch™ technology ensures that all devices connect to the best-performing AP. And Aruba’s next-generation mobility firewall ensures that your most important apps get priority treatment and perform optimally.

Guest Wi-Fi with in-browser advertising

Aruba ClearPass Guest makes it easy for shoppers to self-register for secure in-store Wi-Fi access through a secure custom-branded captive portal. We eliminate the need for IT involvement and multiple login screens. It’s simple – shoppers register once and indicate their product and marketing preferences. Retailers can then personalize their in-store experience with uniquely targeted ads and push-notification offers based on these preferences.

Location-aware mobile engagement

Eliminate in-store shopper abandonment with zone-based promotions and offers that are delivered directly to their smartphones. Aruba Meridian-powered mobile apps use location-aware technology to trigger and push personalized notification offers to customers and provide them with turn-by-turn directions all the way to product on the shelf. Collected analytics give retailers detailed insight into merchandise that customers search for the most.