Secure Remote Access for Government


Simplify the complexity and cost of deploying a remote access solution

Aruba Virtual Branch Networks (VBNs) address the needs of today’s highly mobile workforce by allowing access to agency servers and data centers wherever users need it.

The Aruba VBN solution provides a flexible remote access architecture that can easily be applied to the unique needs of the government sector and is fully policy compliant with various US civilian, US Department of Defense and internationally recognized validations and certifications. Government teleworkers, branch offices, travelers, contractors and even deployed military personnel can all take advantage of Aruba’s secure, cost effective VBN solution.

Unlike IPSec or SSL VPN networks used to serve remote workers, Aruba’s VBN is a new approach that dramatically simplifies the complexity and cost of deploying a remote access solution. Complex configuration, management, software updates, authentication, security, and remote site termination tasks are handled by centralized powerful data center-based Aruba Controllers running FIPS-certified ArubaOS software.

Network access and management services are virtualized in the data center Controllers and then pushed to low-cost, purpose-built remote access points (RAPs). RAPs provide secure WLAN and Ethernet connectivity and deliver centralized services to remote devices and end users. FIPS certified Layer 3 IPsec tunneling between the Controllers and RAPs allows any wide area network – including 3G cellular, hotel guest connections and broadband internet – to be employed.

The Aruba VBN solution extends the network to remote users and locations, providing both wired and wireless clients secure access to the network from virtually anywhere. The ICSA certified stateful firewall capabilities of the controller provide both security and quality of service controls for a wide variety of applications, including voice and video, when required.

The Aruba VBN solution for secure remote access offers the following benefits:

  • Centralized security, authentication, encryption and user access control:

    The Aruba VBN solution focuses on security, including centralized user authentication, end-to-end encryption capabilities between the client and controller, along with role-based user access control. In addition, the Controller’s integrated ICSA certified firewall provides intra-user security without requiring external secondary firewalls to protect the remote network.

  • Secure communications:

    All network components are FIPS 140-2 certified, Common Criteria EAL-4 validations (pending) providing government-grade, agency validated security. Read more (PDF)

  • Cost effectiveness:

    The VBN solution employs inexpensive access devices and any commodity transport, such as standard broadband, can be used in lieu of costly private networks, resulting in savings of up to 60% capital and 75% operational costs compared to traditional remote networking solutions.

  • Simplicity:

    End user access is simplified whereby the end user connects, authenticates and accesses the network the same way everywhere, whether in their home, hotel room, remote branch office, automobile or anywhere else. No virtual private network (VPN) clients or additional credentials are required for access resulting in fewer mistakes and removing training requirements for the end user.

Aruba’s remote networking solution