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Aruba’s Airheads Community is a great place to connect, innovate and share with some of the sharpest mobility enthusiasts in the networking industry. You’ll get access to discussion forums, expert articles and cutting-edge content. It’s the perfect platform to share ideas, opportunities and best practice―and find solutions to the challenges you face from your peers.

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As a member, you’ll gain access to free product support and the inside track on special industry events. You can enroll for training courses that will help advance your career, and gain technical certifications to accelerate professional development. There’s no marketing hype or untested theories on the Airheads Community. Your peers only share proven best practices, real-world technical solutions and lessons learned, so you can get things done more efficiently.

Join the Airheads Community and benefit from:

  • The collective knowledge of more than 90,000 members
  • Free access to Aruba documents, verified articles, technical webinars with our support team and VRDs to over 8,000+ Knowledge-Base articles, terms and definitions
  • Access to over 43,000+ forum discussion topics and solutions
  • Exclusive training in the form of curated learning paths.
  • Sessions from Aruba’s Atmosphere Conference, technical conferences, and Airheads events
  • The opportunity to become an MVP for participation, expertise and contribution in the community. MVPs receive special badges and privileges, exclusive access to Aruba events, product management teams and office of the CTO