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Technical tracks and hands-on Airheads sessions at Atmosphere are designed and delivered by your industry peers, Aruba engineers, product managers and technical experts to help you better understand emerging technologies, design principles and how to better optimize your existing infrastructure.

Each of the tracks below offer both intro and advanced sessions.

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Airheads Content Tracks

Track 1: Bits-and-Bytes

Attend these sessions for a deep dive on the latest networking technologies, including 802.11ax 6th generation Wi-Fi, 802.3bt high power PoE, 802.1x authentication and more.

Track 2: Simplify the IT Experience

Join these sessions to learn how Aruba’s unified wired, wireless & SD-WAN architecture and latest software innovations, including automation, assurance and management, deliver a state-of-the-art edge platform that delivers a simplified IT experience.

Track 3: Network-powered Security

Attend these security sessions to hear about enabling continuous network defense to deliver visibility, access control, continuous monitoring, network security, as well as attack detection, investigation and response.

Join the Partner Ready for Networking community for exclusive partner sessions, our biggest partner event ever! This event is for our distributors, resellers and service providers. Partner business and sales executives will get the opportunity to interact with Aruba executives and subject matter experts to gain industry-leading knowledge, exchange ideas, and make valuable connections.

  • What’s new in Aruba solutions
  • Partner opportunity at the Edge
  • Network with distributors and Aruba channel teams
  • Get the tools to Win!

Atmosphere 2019 has ended. Interested in Atmosphere 2020?

For a deeper experience, complement your attendance with technical training in one of 9 areas. These in-depth sessions span two days and contain a mixture of lecture hands-on lab time.

Atmosphere 2019 has ended. Interested in Atmosphere 2020?

Training Content Tracks

  • Mobility v8: Levels 1 & 2
  • Aruba design fundamentals
  • Aruba switching fundamentals for mobility
  • Aruba ClearPass: Levels 1 & 2
  • Aruba Central fundamentals
  • Aruba AirWave fundamentals
  • Implementing Aruba Introspect

Mobility v8 Level 1

The Mobility Level 1 class covers the elements needed to build a simple Aruba wireless network with an Aruba controller, Mobility Master and APs. It includes an introduction to the controller and AP architecture, profiles, roles and captive portal amongst other features. This class uses the same content as the Implementing Aruba WLANs (IAW) class.

Mobility v8 Level 2

The Mobility v8 Level 2 class covers more advanced elements of building Aruba wireless networks with controllers, mobility masters and APs. It includes more advanced multi-controller features and configuration. This class uses the same content as the Scalable WLAN Design & Implementation (SWDI) class.

Aruba ClearPass Level 1

The ClearPass Level 1 class covers the elements needed to deploy and perform basic provisioning of a ClearPass server. This includes 802.1X with AD integration, Guest, Onboarding, Profiling and Posture. This course is an extension of the ClearPass fundamentals class held at previous atmosphere conferences, and is based on the first-half of the ClearPass Essentials 5-day ILT course.

Aruba ClearPass Level 2

The ClearPass Level 2 class covers more advanced ClearPass topics like sponsor approval, MAC caching, advanced profiling, TACACS+, SSO, Clustering/Redundancy and ClearPass exchange integration. This course is based on the second-half of the ClearPass Essentials 5-day ILT course.

Implementing Aruba Introspect

This course teaches you how to plan and implement an enterprise security solution using Aruba IntroSpect UEBA.  The material in this course covers integrating and monitoring wired and wireless networks into the IntroSpect product. Hands-on labs will lead you through the configuration of the system and integration with ClearPass and other network servers.  In the Labs you will configure log sources to monitor wired and wireless network traffic and authentication.  You will be given an introductory primer on conducting threat hunting and evaluating analytics provided by the IntroSpect UEBA. This course uses the Aruba best practices in establishing a security monitoring infrastructure. This course helps candidates acquire the skills they need to assess and analyze a company’s security requirements and then design and implement monitoring solutions to meet those requirements. This course focuses on integrating IntroSpect into the campus LAN, WLAN, and multi-site enterprises. You will also be exposed to security analytics on industrial, warehouse and IoT networks.

Aruba Central Fundamentals

This course covers Central cloud-based management features and advantages including, management options for IAP clusters, Aruba Switch, configuration, guest management, report generation and maintenance. Learn Zero-Touch provisioning including, registering for a Central account, using a subscription to manage devices, manually adding devices, and setting up, managing, and configuring groups, using groups for configuration, configuring a new WLAN with an access method, how to name APs and set RF parameters, security options, how a VPN or DHCP is used. This course covers monitoring and troubleshooting for groups and devices, attaching labels, looking at IAPs and clients, applying console commands, using troubleshooting commands, and using App/RF and event logs.

Aruba AirWave fundamentals

This class provides the elements needed for monitoring an Aruba-based wireless network using AirWave’s network management tool. This class uses the same content as the 3-day AICU ILT class.

Aruba switching fundamentals for mobility

This course teaches you the fundamental skills necessary to configure and manage modern, open standards-based networking solutions. This course consists of approximately 20% lecture and 80% hands-on lab exercises to help you learn how to implement and validate small to medium enterprise network solutions. This 3-day course prepares network professionals for the HPE ATP – Aruba Mobile First Solutions V1 certification exam. In this course, participants learn about ArubaOS switch technologies including: VLANs, securing access, redundancy technologies such as MSTP, link aggregation techniques including LACP, and switch virtualization with Aruba’s Virtual Switching Framework (VSF). You will also learn about IP Routing including static and dynamic IP routing with OSPF. This course teaches you how to deploy Aruba wireless APs and configure Aruba Clustering technology. It also teaches you how to configure, manage and monitor the network with Aruba AirWave.

Aruba design fundamentals

This course teaches you design best practices across the Aruba product line, including both the wireless and wired networking components, as well as other elements of Aruba mobility solutions.

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