Atmosphere 2016

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March 6 - 11, 2016 // The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas // Nevada


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Training Sessions  SOLD OUT

Airheads Training is the best way to learn the fundamentals surrounding some of Aruba’s most popular solutions. Training can be purchased with your conference pass.

Mobility Fundamentals
The Mobility Fundamentals class covers the elements needed to build a simple Aruba Wireless network with a single controller. It includes an introduction to profiles, firewalls and roles. There is no corresponding Aruba Certified expert exam that correlates to this class.

ClearPass Fundamentals
The ClearPass Fundamentals class covers the elements needed to deploy and perform basic provisioning of a ClearPass server. This prepares the candidate for the ACCA exam.

AirWave Fundamentals
The AirWave Fundamentals class provides the elements needed for monitoring an Aruba based Wireless network. There is no corresponding Aruba Certified expert exam that correlates to this class.

WLAN Fundamentals
The WLAN Fundamentals class provides an introduction to wireless principles and technologies. It includes topics such as 802.11ac, wireless capacity and coverage planning and design as well as other essential wireless technologies. There is no corresponding Aruba Certified expert exam that correlates to this class.

Meridian/BLE Fundamentals
The Meridian/BLE Fundamentals class provides the basics of using the Meridian app builder and Bluetooth beacon deployment for location and proximity notifications. There is no corresponding Aruba Certified expert exam that correlates to this class.

Digital Workplace Fundamentals

The shift to mobile-cloud has changed how we think about enterprise networking. This track is for architects and engineers who want to understand the wired and wireless products and technologies that serve as the foundation for the digital workplace.

Delivering Security to the Digital Workplace
As your organization grows and as your users become more mobile, what becomes clear is that your perimeter is not so neatly defined as it used to be. But as you open new offices, and as you embrace mobile computing, the need for security does not go away. In fact, the need for security increases for these users are now exposed to greater number of threats than when they are sitting at their desk.

In this session, learn about how to protect users in locations far and wide using integration between Aruba Networks Cloud Services Controller and the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform.

  • Deploying security in branch offices with Cloud Services Controller
  • Protecting users with GlobalProtect

In addition, we will have a short demonstration that covers a demonstration of how Cloud Services Controller establishes a zero touch connection to a next-generation firewall to protect branch office traffic.

Wi-Fi and radio fundamentals, and 802.11ac technology deep dive
Neighboring Wi-Fi networks, RF noise sources, and indoor and outdoor coverage patterns can all impact mobile device performance on WLANs. This session will give you a better understanding of radio coverage patterns for different types of antennas and covers related essentials in the Wi-Fi standard. Join us also to learn more about 802.11ac, multi-user MIMO and transmit beamforming with Wave 2, and more.

Design fundamentals for remote and branch access networks
This session will discuss WAN, branch and remote networking, including zero touch deployment, network security, simple and fast convergence for large scale IPSec deployments, seamless integration with cloud-based services, ADVPN, and others.

Wireless LAN design fundamentals in the campus
Although Aruba makes it easy to choose the best WLAN architecture to fit your IT and business needs, it's vital to sort through some critical predeployment issues before you get started. Join us to review the latest product and architectural options from Aruba as well as validated WLAN design best practices. This session includes in-depth coverage of Aruba Instant and Aruba Mobility Controllers.

TEN Talks at Airheads: Digital Workplace fundamentals
Although Aruba makes it easy to choose the best WLAN architecture to fit your IT and business needs, it's vital to sort through some critical predeployment issues before you get started. Join us to review the latest product and architectural options from Aruba as well as validated WLAN design best practices. This session includes in-depth coverage of Aruba Instant and Aruba Mobility Controllers.

Anatomy of an AP: Dissect Aruba 320 series to get below the surface
Access points can be complex! Let's get together to dissect an Aruba AP-325 to see how the hardware and all the different components make up an Aruba access point.

Overview of major Aruba switching features incl. Smart Rate for multi-gig ports
Take a look at Aruba's switching OS and see its new features including an overview of Smart Rate multi-gigabit Ethernet, zero touch provisioning, role based secure access and more.

Multi-vendor access network management with Aruba AirWave
Take a deep dive into AirWave. Learn how to configure AirWave to get optimal performance and troubleshoot wireless issues. Also find out about exciting new features coming in v.8.2 and hear the integrated wired and wireless story.

Simplifying wired network deployments with Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
This session provides an overview of HPE's Software Defined Networking (SDN) feature set and will review the benefits of following SDN apps for network operations and IT security teams: HPE Network Protector, HP Network Optimizer, and HP Visualizer.

Take a walk on the wired side: Design fundamentals for Aruba switching in the campus
This session will provide a technical overview of campus switching, intended for wireless specialists who want to get to know the wired infrastructure components a bit better.

Digital Workplace Services

Are you an experienced architect or engineer wanting to expand your knowledge of the digital workplace? Join us to learn how to seamlessly integrate latest generation of mobile apps and cloud services to your networking infrastructure.

Fast tracking network configuration with Aruba Solution Exchange (ASE) configuration templates
Learn about Aruba Solution Exchange (ASE) and how its pre-defined configurations database can make things easier for your day to day network operations as you work with Aruba wireless LAN infrastructure and software solutions.

TEN Talks at Airheads: Digital Workplace services
This is the highly anticipated session where your fellow mobility engineers have an opportunity to share best practices and the lessons they've learned from real-world enterprise deployments. Each presenter gets 10-15 minutes (including a brief Q&A) to discuss the topics they are most passionate about.

Mobile device roaming behaviors and client troubleshooting best practices
Not all mobile devices are created equal and not all agree on the best ways to roam when connected to Wi-Fi networks. In addition to simple speeds and feeds, rate vs. range characteristics of mobile devices influence the experience of users. Join us to learn about troubleshooting a wide range of device connectivity issues and Aruba Wi-Fi configuration options like ClientMatch, which can vastly improve device roaming behavior.

Connect and protect: Building a trust-based Internet of Things for business critical apps
The Internet of Things can deliver smart spaces — intelligent meeting areas, location services, and real time monitoring are just a few applications that make the workplace more efficient and productive. When installed with care, the IoT infrastructure offers great business benefits and improved operations. Join us to learn why organizations are taking the next step in enabling smart buildings.

Extending mobility to remote networks with Aruba Instant, Remote APs, and Cloud Services Controllers
Your mobile workforce needs simple, anytime access to corporate resources – whether they’re in branch offices, home offices, or on the road. Learn the differences between controller-managed or controllerless architectures, where they are best deployed, and figure out which one is right for you. And since you can't be everywhere all the time, we'll also cover zero-touch deployment for wireless and wired across thousands of locations.

Very high density (VHD) 802.11ac wireless network design and deployment basics
This session will introduce the challenges and principles of designing high density WLANs. We'll present examples of VHD deployments in auditoriums or ballrooms, as the principles of deploying in these environments are applicable to any other high density coverage zone. Join us as we explore dimension and design for sites with adjacent auditoriums, best practices for estimating the number of user devices, and choosing between the three major RF coverage strategies.

Mobile experience management and network services health check with Aruba AirWave
In a mobile-first environment, breadth and depth of visibility into users, clients, applications, RF and non-RF elements that impact user experience are a must. Learn how AirWave delivers powerful network health assurance with advanced monitoring capabilities to eliminate problems before they occur, and the intelligence to troubleshoot rapidly and get users back to business faster.

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) deep dive: 3rd-party ecosystem apps and the app store
Get an in-depth review of HPE's SDN applications and how best to take advantage of them to simplify network operations, increase network security and improve end user experience.

Integrating unified communications and collaboration on an Aruba access network
Instant chat, videoconferencing, voice calling, file transfer, desktop sharing, and web conferencing are all part of the latest set of unified communication and collaboration (UCC) tools, which can significantly reduce communication and collaboration costs. And your WLAN should understand all these different traffic flows, report on call quality, support high-definition data transfer for video, and more. Hear about best practices for app-level configuration and learn how to get your Aruba WLAN ready for Microsoft Skype for Business, and several other enterprise and commercial grade UCC apps.

Adaptive Trust

Let's talk about how to secure your network and your corporate data in today's mobile world. Topics covered include policy enforcement for wired and wireless access, BYOD management, guest access controls for multivendor networks, and more.

Closing the Door on Threats - Adaptive Trust Security with Palo Alto Networks
The threat landscape is changing in many ways. Today’s attacker employ a variety of techniques to breach the perimeter, conduct lateral movement and access/steal information.

Palo Alto Networks and HP Enterprise have developed tight integration between Aruba ClearPass and Aruba Mobilility Controller and the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform.

In this session, learn about:

  • The multi-stage threat lifecycle
  • The concepts behind Adaptive Trust
  • Integration points with Palo Alto Networks

In addition, we will have a short demonstration on core Palo Alto Networks technologies and how they are employed to stop threats.

Change is constant: the Zen of mobile security using Adaptive Trust
Mobile devices continue to be the leading edge of digital transformation but they also create a number of challenges as organizations struggle to adapt their policies and procedures to address the security implications of deploying these modern endpoints in an enterprise environment. Join this session for an overview of the evolving threat landscape and detailed of discussion of how to leverage the integration between MobileIron EMM and Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager to build a coordinated and adaptive mobility defense that lets you empower your employees without compromising security. We will cover key findings from the latest MobileIron Mobile Security and Risk Report and technical recommendations for successful deployments.

Wi-Fi and network security fundamentals
Security is always a top-of-mind issue for WLAN deployments, no matter what business you're in. But it’s an issue that's loaded with acronyms, confusing terminology, and some degree of black-art mystique. This session starts with basic principles of cryptography and gives you a thorough understanding of how Wi-Fi authentication and encryption work to keep your network safe. You’ll also learn about 802.1X authentication, tradeoffs of different EAP methods, why proper client configuration is so important, and why Aruba believes that role-based access control is critical in a modern mobile network.

Securing the LAN: Best practices to secure the wired access network
Is your wireless network more secure than your wired network? In this session, we'll discuss how to use industry standard techniques to provide secure wired access. This includes using policies and RADIUS/RADIUS CoA to ensure that ports used for Wi-Fi APs, IoT devices, printers and IP phones are protected against unwanted use by employees, guests, and contractors. The days of dedicated ports assigned to VLANs are over! By using a 'universal ports tied to policies’ model, network access is based on dynamic enforcement rules. These techniques work across popular wired infrastructure from HPE, Cisco, and others.

Enhance network security with Multi-Factor Authentication for BYOD and guest access
Enhance your network security by introducing Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) into new or existing use cases. New threats, risks, and vulnerabilities as well as evolving business requirements underscore to the need for a strong authentication approach based on simple service delivery, choice, and future-forward scalability. Learn how to create time, location and event driven policies to trigger new MFA workflows. Managed or unmanaged devices can be leveraged using secure MFA solutions from a variety of 3rd party providers and when combined with SSO, provides a much simpler and secure user experience versus traditional two-factor authentication methods.

Aruba ClearPass Exchange deep dive: Improving end-user workflows with a rich ecosystem
As billions of devices connect to enterprise networks, IT is struggling to gain more visibility and control using multiple, disparate security systems and management tools. ClearPass Exchange fixes this problem by acting as a central decision point, providing context for a unified network access defense for wired and wireless access, and leveraging downstream security and productivity systems and context to improve end-user workflows and secure devices wherever they connect. Learn how to leverage ClearPass Exchange to deploy and use endpoint, access, traffic inspection and data visiblitiy solutions for mobile workfoce productivity and threat prevention.

Large scale, distributed access management deployment with Aruba ClearPass
Running or planning on deploying a large ClearPass cluster? See what others are doing in larger environments to improve their deployments This session is designed to help customers that run the largest and most demanding networks learn how to deal with multiple locations, 100k+ endpoints, and strict SLA’s. Come to this session to discuss architecture for distributed deployments and how to better design your install for high performance, high availability needs. This is the one session where we’ll include the most experienced ClearPass team members for what will be a highly interactive session.

Deep visibility to secure network access with Aruba ClearPass Insight
Mobility and network access requires a detailed window into reporting, monitoring, and alerting that helps you see and share connection data with management and other team members. Our latest version of ClearPass (6.6) includes a new InSight UI, a new configuration, and alert features. In this session, we will connect to Insight nodes that contain rich and live data to show you how to easily create reports that show daily connection totals, failed authentications, and information on all device types. A picture is worth a thousand words so stop reading this and sign up for this session!

TEN Talks at Airheads: Adaptive Trust Defense
In this highly anticipated session, your fellow security engineering professionals will have an opportunity to share best practices and the lessons they've learned from real-world enterprise deployments. Each presenter gets 10-15 minutes (including a brief Q&A) to discuss the topics they are most passionate about.

Getting the most out of the Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall
In this day and age, it's probably a good idea to get your WLAN ready for voice and video. And it's also a good idea to classify and prioritize web applications based on policies you set. Protecting your mobile devices and network infrastructure against outside or inside attacks needs to be part of the plan, too. Join to us to learn more about these and other functions of Aruba's policy enforcement firewall integrated to its access points, switches, and controllers.

Adapting to evolving user, security, and business needs with Aruba ClearPass
After your successful ClearPass deployment, how will you know if it's still performing properly? In this session, you'll leran how to use our built-in dashboard, logging and trending tools to identify problem areas, and reasonable threshold levels related to authentications, as well as overall appliance performance numbers. See how to turn on and use proactive notifications before problems occur that can keep users from connecting. Hear about best-practices for operationalizing ClearPass as the growth of devices, authentications, and collected data increases.

Product Demos

Are you new to Aruba's mobility solutions? Join us to see all our networking technology in action. Demos include mobile engagement, wireless network management, branch and remote network configuration, and more.

LIVE DEMO: Mobile Engagement with Aruba Beacons and the Meridian Mobile App Platform
Aruba Beacons, powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, are here! Learn how to deploy hundreds of Aruba Beacons and manage them centrally or via a mobile app. We'll also discuss how your business partners can take advantage of the Aruba Meridian platform to kick start their mobile engagement efforts and personalize their Wi-Fi experience using their own custom-branded mobile app and indoor location services.

LIVE DEMO: Configuring Aruba Mobility and Cloud Services Controllers
A live look into the initial configuration of an Aruba Mobility Controller and critical features with the latest set of ArubaOS releases.

LIVE DEMO: Configuring Aruba Instant access points
Aruba Instant is just that - instant. Watch this live demo and see how highly scalable the Instant product line can be, and how it can solve your enterprise WLAN needs.

LIVE DEMO: Multi-vendor network access policy management with Aruba ClearPass
ClearPass takes a fresh approach to solving today’s mobility challenges across any multivendor network by replacing outdated legacy AAA with context-aware policies. Come get an overview of the ClearPass Policy Manager, and each of the modules – Guest/Onboard/OnGuard. This includes a GUI tour that helps you understand our terminology, the structure of the interface, and how easily you can create new wireless and wired policies that map to business needs. We’ll also cover basic scaleability questions and how to adapt ClearPass to your evolving user, security, and business needs.

LIVE DEMO: Multi-vendor network management with Aruba AirWave
Practice makes perfect so be sure to explore everything that's new in Aruba AirWave. You'll gain a thorough understanding of all the configuration, monitoring and reporting features as well as working knowledge about new AirWave features like clustering, simplified licensing, application-level visibility, network health monitoring, mobile unified communication diagnostics, and lots more.

LIVE DEMO: Multi-vendor campus and data center networking management with HPE IMC
Watch a live demo of HPE's multi-vendor Intelligent Management Center (IMC) software for campus core network infrastructure and see first-hand how managing day-to-day operations for campus core network infrastructure is now easier than ever.

LIVE DEMO: Wi-Fi analytics with Aruba Analytics Location Engine (ALE)
In this session, you'll learn how to use Aruba's Analytics and Location Engine (ALE) software to aggregate Wi-Fi analytics and how that data can help you improve your business intelligence around user / device presence in public venues and digital workplaces.

LIVE DEMO: Guest access and mobile device onboarding with Aruba ClearPass
Learn more about Aruba ClearPass with hands-on demos. You'll get a better understanding of all the configuration, monitoring, and reporting options that are available to you. You'll also soak-up practical, working knowledge about integrating ClearPass with your multivendor wireless and wired access network as well as the SSO, MDM, WAN firewall, and other security infrastructures you have in place.

LIVE DEMO: Managing access networks with Aruba Central
Join us to see a live demo of zero-touch provisioning of Aruba Instant access points, powered by Aruba Central. Learn more about the latest capabilities in cloud-managed Aruba wireless LANs, including secure guest access and web content filtering.

LIVE DEMO: HPE SDN applications
Join us to see how you can enhance network security, optimization, and visibility with HPE SDN applications. You'll see first hand how HPE Network Protector gives zero-threat protection at the edge of the network and how HPE Network Optimizer delivers enhanced user experience for Skype for Business. We'll also demo troubleshooting with HPE Network Visualizer.

Data Center

If you're a network engineer responsible for the fast evolving enterprise data center infrastructure, this track is for you. Topics include network management, data center services orchestration, deployment architecture best practices, and more.

Data center network reference architecture with HPE FlexFabric
Data center networks are reaching a breaking point. What today’s enterprises need is a new solution that reduces network complexity, improves performance, and scale. The HPE FlexFabric portfolio provides an open approach to data center network fabric. This approach enables automated connectivity and is designed to deliver software-defined network services. Join us to hear the latest on FlexFabric.

HPE Intelligent Management Center (IMC) for data center infrastructure management and orchestration
After an overview presentation, we will demonstrate live how HPE's multi-vendor Intelligent Management Center (IMC) software can be used to manage day to day operations for the datacenter. Introduction to HPE IMC focused on management for data center switching. Topics include REST API, virtualization integration and data center fabric management.

HPE Data Center Network Virtualization
Software-defined networking and network virtualization deliver a completely new operational model that breaks through current physical legacy network barriers, allowing you to evolve to an on-demand IT infrastructure. Join us to see how HPE offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of network virtualization solutions supporting HPE Helion OpenStack; VMware NSX® and DCN use cases, to help transition to an open, standards-based, software-defined infrastructure.

The new imperative in the data center with workload-centric networking
Applications remain the focus of every Data Center. This session will focus on some of HPE reference architectures centered around applications (SAP, Hadoop, Helion/OpenStack) showing how Networking is critical in supporting the deployment of these applications.

Benefits of disaggregation and open source networking in data centers
The new trend of open source based hardware and software is disrupting the data center market unleashing unprecedented value to the customers. Come join us to see how the community based open source networking software OpenSwitch completes the all open sourced data center solution end to end, from the hardware layer to the cloud stack, and to see how HPE and its partners accelerating its adoption with the industry leading HPE Altoline, and OpenSwitch product line.

Mobile Engagement

Want to learn about mobile engagement solutions to improve ROI? Join us to learn about mobile analytics, managing Aruba Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons, and enhancing mobile apps in public facing enterprises.

Working with mobile app developers to enable indoor location-based services
As part of its mobile engagement solution, Aruba offers all mobile app developers the opportunity to take advantage of Aruba Beacons and Aruba Meridian SDK to create engaging experiences within a venue's existing mobile app. Join us for a discussion of best practices on how you can engage with internal or external mobile app developers.

Taking advantage of Wi-Fi analytics to improve business intelligence and ROI
Location analytics is becoming increasingly critical for businesses. Insights gained from location analytics is transforming the way enterprises interact with customers while improving operational efficiencies. Join this session to learn how Aruba's Analytics and Location Engine together with various partner analytics and data mining solutions, address a broad spectrum of use cases relevant to retail, hospitality, transportation, sports and entertainment, and public facing enterprises.

Enhancing mobile apps in the public facing enterprise with the Aruba Meridian SDK
Learn how venues that already have a mobile app can use the Meridian Software Development Kits (SDKs) to integrate navigation, proximity notification and other location based services indoors.

Getting your Aruba Wi-Fi network ready for Wi-Fi analytics with Aruba ALE
Public venues are under mounting pressure to learn how their customers and employees interact within their brick-and-mortar locations so they can make good on their real-estate investment, avoid unnecessary operating expenses, and improve their competitive advantage. Join us for a high level overview of Aruba's Analytics and Location Engine (ALE), and follow our guidelines for designing a network that incorporates the platform.

Best practices in deploying and managing Aruba Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons
Learn how to deploy hundreds of Aruba Beacons, powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and manage them centrally or via a mobile app. We'll also discuss how your business partners can take advantage of the Aruba Meridian platform to kick start their mobile engagement efforts and personalize the customer Wi-Fi experience using a custom-branded mobile app and indoor location services.


If you are from the education, government or retail verticals, join us for a set of engaging roundtable discussions.

Technology in the classroom has transformed the way students learn. Ensure your students are meeting their potential by providing a network that can handle high-density locations, high-bandwidth mobile apps, and a large variety of devices.

ROUNDTABLE: Government
Birds of a feather session for government customers, so we can discuss certifications, accreditations, new programs, and more.

Retailers know that improving customer satisfaction and engagement in stores, and improving business operations at warehousing locations, are top of mind. Join us for a roundtable discussion to address these issues.

Who doesn't love a fun, heated debate? Come listen to the Tech Field Day folks as they discuss the most controversial and pressing topics in enterprise mobility, network infrastructure, policy management and more.

Partner Track Breakouts

Click any category below to see the session titles and descriptions.

Solution Whiteboard Workshop

Solution Whiteboarding Workshop: Customer presentation
In this interactive session, you will learn how to pitch Aruba's mobility solutions and engage your prospects using a whiteboard. At the end of this session, you will be able to effectively present solutions relevant to your customers' business in a short conversation.

Expanded Portfolio Opportunities

Introduction to Aruba switching portfolio for campus and branch networks
This session will introduce our comprehensive campus switching portfolio and will provide an update on new branding, and product positioning.

Campus and branch switching portfolio use cases and upgrade/upsell opportunities
Learn about the campus switch market opportunity, product refresh cycles and key drivers. This session will also showcase customer examples and provide you with the guidance on approaching a sales opportunity.

Competitive positioning for Aruba campus switching portfolio
Join us to learn how to best position our switching solutions against the competition. This session will help you differentiate against our key cometitors and sell the value of our solutions.

Introduction to HPE switching portfolio for data center networks
Join this session to learn about the data center market opportunity and how to leverage our latest FlexFabric product line to grow your data center practice. Our data center expert will also cover how to discover opportunities, engage with customers and postion to win deals.

Introduction to Aruba wireless LAN portfolio for campus, branch and remote
This session will introduce Aruba campus mobility solutions to HPE partners. Our mobility expert will cover product positioning, key differentiators and roadmap for our WLAN solutions and software platforms - ClearPass, AirWave, Central and Meridian.

WLAN portfolio use cases and upgrade/upsell opportunities
Learn about the WLAN market opportunity, product refresh cycles and key drivers. This session will also showcase customer examples and provide you with the guidance on approaching a sales opportunity.

Competitive positioning for Aruba WLAN portfolio
Learn how best to position our WLAN solutions against the competition. We will highlight key differentiators that will help you win WLAN deals and build a strong mobility practice.

Introduction to wired/wireless network access control and policy management with Aruba ClearPass
Join this session for an overview of network access control and policy management for enterprise mobility. Our security expert will discuss opportunities with ClearPass solution for AAA replacement and how to tap into your install base for additional opportunities.

E-Rate FY2016: Get your share of the $4B of available funding
The FCC has modernized the E-Rate program and focused the program on closing the Wi-Fi gap in our schools. Through the modernization order, they made substantial changes to the program rules, funding, discounts and eligible services; they also added an additional $1.5B to the funding cap, bringing it to over $4B for FY2016. In addition, there may be an additional rollover of $1.9B from past years. If there was ever a time to learn about the E-Rate program, now is the time. Come learn about the program changes, discuss recent announcements and discover how to position your company to win your share of the E-Rate funding.

Digital Workplace Solutions Track

Grow your pipeline with Digital Workplace Solutions
Evolution of the digital workplace is creating new opportunities for you to retain existing customers and gain new ones. In this session, you'll learn how to become a trusted advisor for mobile-first initiatives while saving them millions in the process through network rightsizing.

Differentiate your portfolio with network management designed for the Digital Workplace
Speeds and feeds are great. But customers today are demanding more intelligence from their IT tools, without added complexity. Learn how Aruba’s network management and monitoring tools allow you to differentiate and deliver solutions that support your customers’ unique digital workplace initiatives.

Building Digital Workplace for SMB w/Office 365 & Aruba Instant
Building Digital Workplace for SMB w/Office 365 & Aruba Instant

Campaigns and Tools to Build Momentum w/Digital Workplace Solutions
In this session, we will share campaing assets and tools that can help you take the digital workplace solutions to your customers and engage with them effectively.

Solution Selling Track

Winning in the data center with open, agile networks
Legacy networks are failing to meet the needs of the new global digital workplace requirements. Learn about opportunites in the data center and how to win deals while working closely with business partners such as VMware and leveraging the sales motions for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Server, Storage and CDI business units.

Cloud-managed networks for SMB
Not all cloud-managed networks are created equal. Join us to discover how today's SMBs are choosing their network solutions, and learn how to differentiate and grow your business with Aruba’s unique wired and wireless networking portfolio.

Securing BYOD with Adaptive Trust Methodology
Due to the rapid acceptance of BYOD, IT organizations have lost some control over what connects to the network - operating systems, device types and app usage. Join this session to learn about the secuirty opportunities with our ClearPass solution and ways to engage the right decision makers within your customers and prospects.

Maximizing customer experience with mobile engagement
Public facing enterprises today are increasingly relying on technology and looking for the right solutions to effectively engage with their visitor and to better understand visitor behavior. Join this session to learn about Aruba's mobile engagement solution and the opporutunity avaiable to you as a partner.

Vertical Solutions Track

Opportunities with HPE Partner Ready program
This session is designed for Aruba partners to learn more about the broader opportunities and benefits of HPE’s Partner Ready program. In this session, partners will learn how HPE’s Partner Ready program enables partners to deliver solutions that help our joint customers evolve to the New Style of Business. We’ll also cover financial and non-financial benefits of the program that focus on partner profitability, demand generation and comprehensive partner enablement.

Supporting mobile-first education
Education is a top vertical for Aruba solutions. As we continue evolving and supporting a mobile-first education environment, it is important that you understand the education customer, trends and issues, and what is top of mind for decision makers and buyers. In this session, we will arm you with information to help you win, followed by a deeper dive into the specific Aruba solutions for the optimized mobile-first classroom and campus.

Supporting secure mobility in healthcare
Healthcare is undergoing rapid change to mobile-first application environment.  Clinicians need mobile tools, such as Electronic Health Record access and secure messaging.  A positive patient experience is now a critical component for any healthcare provider.  Join this session to learn what is driving this transformation and how Aruba solutions meet Healthcare’s mobility needs.

Driving mobile engagement in retail and hospitality
Retailers are shifting significant investment dollars to customer experience technologies to help them effectively compete with online shopping. In hospitality, 94% of travelers rate Wi-Fi as the most important amenity at hotels, and they are not shy to write poor reviews if they are not satisfied with the Wi-Fi service. In this session, we will educate you on the macro trends driving this change and Aruba solutions that can help our customers bridge the gap between physical and digital in retail & hospitality.

IT Executive Forum Sessions

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