Cloud Field Day 8: The Edge-to-Cloud Journey

Cloud Field Day 8: The Edge-to-Cloud Journey

Cloud Field Day 8 on-demand now available! On July 15th, we hosted a Cloud Field Day 8 livestream where Aruba product experts presented the latest cool and powerful networking technologies that will simplify your network and simplify your life.

Here are the on-demand videos and some additional resources. To join the online conversation please be sure to use the hashtag #CFD8 and follow @ArubaNetworks on Twitter.

8a - 805aCFD8 Welcome and Kick-OffStephen Foskett, Organizer in Chief, GestaltIT
Part 1: Edge-to-Cloud Platform-as-a-Service
805a - 815aIntroduction: The Edge to Cloud JourneyMichael Dickman, SVP, Product Management & Technical Marketing
815a - 825aIntroduction: Cloud-native As-a-ServiceErik Vogel, Global VP, Customer Experience, HPE
Part 2: Data science methodology for AIOps
825a - 840aAIOps for Aruba networkingJose Tellado, Chief Scientist, Network Analytics
840a - 855aAIOps for HPE compute and storageRochna Dhand, Sr. Director, Product Management & David Adamson, Machine Learning Architect at HPE InfoSight
Part 3: Applying cloud-native capabilities to address today’s problems
855a - 910aThe Reimagined WorkplaceAlan Ni, Director Smart Spaces & IoT
910a - 925aUser and Application ExperienceFouad Zreik, Director of Product, UXI
925a - 940aCloud Onramp with Aruba SD-BranchRamanan Subramanian, Director of Product Management & Samuel Perez, Solution Architect, SD-WAN & SD-Branch
940a - 10aQ & A

The Edge to Cloud Journey with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

HPE GreenLake: Cloud-Native As-a-Service

AIOps for Aruba Networking: The Cloud Advantage

HPE InfoSight AIOps Contextual Insights for HPE Compute and Storage

The Reimagined Workplace with Aruba

Aruba User and Application Experience

Cloud Onramp with Aruba SD-Branch