COVID-19 Response

Dear Customers and Partners, 

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting our global community at an unprecedented scale. In these uncertain times, Aruba is focused on the health and well-being of our employees, customers, partners, and the communities where we do business—we believe that is our core responsibility. While our solutions that help to maintain business continuity across all types of organizations are in high demand, we are prioritizing fulfillment to our customers who are on the front lines battling this pandemic, especially healthcare providers, emergency responders, and state and local governments. 

Here is a glimpse at what we’re doing, with more to come. 

Our employees

Since our inception, Aruba has always thought of our employees as family. Right now, we are enabling all team members to work from home in all of our sites around the world. Some of our sites are officially closed based on the recommendations by local authorities and, in some cases, by government orders. During this time, we will continue to pay our hourly employees and, to the extent possible, our vendors, who are also an important part of our family.

Our customers and partners

We have received many questions from customers and partners, and we want to assure you that Aruba has a robust business continuity plan (BCP) in place across all functions, including Research & Development (R&D), Technical Assistance Center (TAC), and supply chain management. Some of the highlights of our BCP are below, and new programs will be rolled out in the coming week. 

  • Our TAC and R&D functions are fully equipped to work remotely, and still have access to critical products and test labs to ensure that our customers get the timely support and resolution they need for critical issues. We are committed to supporting our customers as we always have.
  • We are monitoring and optimizing our supply chain on a daily basis to ensure that we can support the critical needs of as many customers as possible. We are working with freight carriers to expedite shipments so that we can get high-demand products into the hands of our customers who need them most.

Rapid Response healthcare support

Given the influx of temporary COVID-related healthcare facilities, Aruba is responding by donating thousands of secure connectivity kits for the immediate provisioning of pop-up clinics, testing sites and temporary hospital facilities in the US, Canada and select countries in Europe and Asia-Pacific. There are two bundles being offered: one designed as a small site wireless LAN extension from the existing healthcare network and one designed for large site locations.

Airheads Volunteer Corp

To help healthcare organizations get set up quickly, Aruba has created the Airheads Volunteer Corps; an opt-in registry of volunteer network engineers ready to assist in the build out of network infrastructures for medical facilities battling this pandemic and caring for the surge of patients. In creating this registry, Aruba aims to connect those in need of IT skills, with those who have the ability to help. Our hope is that by working together, Aruba and our Airheads community can help those on the front lines dealing with the challenges of this global crisis.  If you’d like to help, register today.

Our community

Our parent company, HPE, has launched a special matching campaign to provide team members with an opportunity to make financial donations to global initiatives that will address COVID-19 worldwide. Campaign donations will support the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund to help the World Health Organization’s efforts with global health institutions and health workers to prevent, detect, and respond to COVID-19. Donations will also support UNICEF’s global efforts to provide much needed services like continuous education, healthcare, sanitation, and community engagement. HPE will match team member donations dollar for dollar. 

As always, Aruba remains committed to our employees, customers, and partners.

To see how Aruba is supporting our customers and the community, watch Keerti Melkote's webcast.

Aruba and our Airheads Volunteer Corps are making a difference to those on the front lines. Learn more