Accuris Networks
Accuris Networks ist ein führender Anbieter von Roaming-Zusammenarbeits-, Geräteverwaltungs- und Konvergenzlösungen. Die WLAN-Auslagerungs- und Roaming-Plattform AccuROAM des Unternehmens beinhaltet Smartphone-Client-Software, Zugangsserver-/Gateway-Technologie und Abrechnungsintegration. AccuROAM bietet ein nahtloses und sicheres Benutzererlebnis für Daten-, Sprach- und Messaging-Services. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter

Accuris und Aruba
Accuris und Aruba arbeiten zusammen, um den AccuROAM-Anwendungsserver und die MOVE-Architektur von Aruba zu integrieren, damit Betreiber Datenverkehr sicher und nahtlos aus bestehenden Zellularnetzwerken in Aruba WLAN-Hotspots auslagern können. Dadurch können Betreiber Kapazitätsprobleme in dichten Ballungsräumen minimieren, ohne die Funktionalität zu beeinträchtigen, die Abonnenten von ihrem Zellularnetzwerk erwarten. Die Abonnenten können mit einer einzigen Nummer oder Identität nahtloses Roaming durch verschiedene Arten von Netzwerken durchführen und die Gebühren werden auf einer einzigen Rechnung zusammengefasst. Die Lösung bietet einen automatisierten sicheren Authentifizierungsprozess unter Verwendung von EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA oder einem äußerst sicheren WISPr-basierenden Mechanismus.

Datum der Zertifizierung:
Februar 2012

Getestetes Aruba-BS:

Zertifizierte Produkte:
AccuROAM Softwareversion 1500 – v8.1
iOS-Client V1.0
Android-Client V1.0

Accuris Partner Solution Guide

Founded in 2004, Alepo is a leading provider of revenue and subscriber management, packet core evolution, carrier Wi-Fi, mobile data offload, and fixed-mobile convergence for communications service providers worldwide. Alepo’s solutions span 2G/3G/4G technologies including LTE, HSPA+, ADSL, MetroE, and FTTH. For more information please visit

Alepo and Aruba
Aruba has teamed with Alepo to enable mobile operators to improve current services and monetize their deployed infrastructure via a network of Aruba Wi-Fi hot spots. By redirecting traffic from mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices – and providing a means to charge for Wi-Fi usage – carriers can take full advantage of Wi-Fi services over a robust, carrier-grade convergent solution that works harmoniously with existing mobile infrastructure. Convergence affords greater network flexibility and a seamless experience for end customers and operators alike.

Operators can use Alepo’s Mobile Data Offload Solution to improve spectral efficiency, traffic management, and customers’ experiences by automatically offloading SIM-based devices to an Aruba Wi-Fi hot spot network whenever they’re within range. The solution delivers a seamless transition from mobile to Wi-Fi, simultaneously offering customers faster data speeds while alleviating data traffic congestion.

The offload solution is complemented by Alepo’s Wi-Fi Hotspot Monetization Solution which creates a commercial Aruba Wi-Fi hot spot network with flexible convenient payment methods. This solution helps operators cultivate a new source of revenue by encouraging new and existing subscribers to purchase Wi-Fi access services.

Date of Certification:
August 2013

Aruba OS Tested:
AOS 6.0

Certified Products:
Alepo HotSpot Manager 8.1
Alepo SE Convergent Charging & Billing 8.1

Aptilo Networks
Aptilo Networks is a leading provider of carrier-class, pre-integrated management and mobile data offloading solutions. The tightly integrated access control, policy control, and transaction functionality integrated with existing management and accounting systems to fast-track service provider deployments with minimal impact on applications already in use. For more information, please visit

Aptilo and Aruba
Aptilo and Aruba have teamed to bring wireless service providers a carrier-class management and policy control solution that’s Hotspot 2.0 ready and supports mobile data offloading from cellular to Wi-Fi networks. Aptilo’s feature-rich solution encompasses authentication, authorization, accounting (AAA), portal management, security, statistics customer care access, and guest Internet access through both paid and unpaid sign-up models. Aptilo’s Dynamic Account Engine includes support for a multitude of payment methods. Among others these include credit card payments, recurring credit card payments, payment via phone/broadband/hotel bill, scratch cards, and vouchers.

Aptilo’s policy engine can send attributes to Aruba’s Mobility Controllers, thereby controlling users’ Wi-Fi experiences. Advanced outbound QoS and policy control, as well as legal intercept control, can be achieved by deploying the carrier-grade Aptilo Access Controller behind Aruba’s Mobility Controllers.

Elitecore Logo
Founded in 1999, Elitecore Technologies is a leading provider of OSS/BSS, Internet security and access gateway solutions. Their Wi-Fi Service Management Platform helps operators leverage Wi-Fi to deliver better subscriber experiences, reach, network availability and service offerings. Solutions encompass a wide range of access networks including 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, IMS, LTE and WiMAX. For more information please visit

Elitecore and Aruba
Aruba has teamed with Elitecore to enable mobile operators to improve current services by offloading data to Aruba Mobility Controllers via the Elitecore Wi-Fi Services Management Platform (SMP). Tailored to the needs of serviced providers, the SMP enables seamless mobile data offload to Aruba’s carrier-class Wi-Fi networks to alleviate network congestion, improve spectral efficiency, and better manage network traffic. Among other features SMP’s modular architecture includes dual stack AAA (RADIUS & DIAMETER with integrated MAP-GW), voucher management, rating and charging (OCS), roaming and partner settlement, a charging gateway, Web self-service, and subscriber analytics.

Date of Certification:
April 2014

Aruba OS Tested:

Certified Products:
Wi-Fi Service Management Platform Revision 6.0.2

Entuity is a leading provider of innovative management solutions that enable enterprises, system integrators, and MSPs to manage network services and assets, meet service level commitments, implement best practices in service delivery, and even develop and monitor Green IT initiatives. For further information, please visit

Entuity and Aruba
Aruba has teamed with Entuity to ensure that the company’s flagship product – Eye of the Storm (EYE) – combined with Aruba’s wireless LANs, delivers service providers, systems integrators, and business managers the information they need to manage complex and dynamic networks in a secure and reliable way. The EYE network management suite combines performance, fault, and inventory management through a single user interface. The resulting solution provides automated discovery of network infrastructure inventory, helping users maintain an up-to-date knowledge base of the network from the core to the edge. Coupled with powerful integrated fault and performance management capabilities and real-time notifications to physical network changes, an Aruba and Entuity solution enables critical business initiatives to be effectively deployed and efficiently maintained.

JAMF Software created the Casper Suite, the only client management software suite developed exclusively for the Apple platform. As such, it offers great breadth and depth of functionality for IT managers including inventory, package building, image management, remote imaging, remote updates, mobile device management (MDM), and a powerful framework for automated support. For more information please visit

JAMF Software and Aruba
JAMF Software and Aruba have teamed to simplify the task of securely connecting to, and providing life-cycle management of, Mac OS X computers and iOS devices made by Apple. Aruba’s MOVE architecture provides secure Wi-Fi and mobile device access control for Mac OS X and iOS devices. JAMF Software’s Casper Suite handles inventory, imaging, patch management, software distribution, remote control, and settings/license/usage management of Mac OS devices, along with inventory, configuration, security management, and application and content distribution of iOS devices. The joint solution targets enterprise, education, healthcare, and government applications.

Date of Certification:
January 2012

Aruba OS Tested:

Certified Products:
Casper Suite 8.21

MobileIron delivers enterprise mobility management solutions, including real-time intelligence and control over smartphone content, activity, and applications. As intelligent tablets and smartphones become primary communications and computing platforms for business, new risks are introduced that traditional mobile device management strategies cannot address. By combining data-driven smart device management with real-time wireless cost control, MobileIron enhances tighter IT control over network and device usage. For more information, please visit

MobileIron and Aruba
MobileIron and Aruba have teamed to ensure that employee- and company-owned smartphones that are brought into a corporate environment are automatically enrolled, managed, and secured with minimal IT involvement. Leveraging features of Aruba’s ClearPass solution, AirWave Management, and Mobility Controllers – MobileIron tackles the thorny issues of maintaining network integrity to avoid overloading IT help desks, and supporting today’s mobile workforce and their personally-own devices.

The solution offers seamless device provisioning by automatically configuring, authorizing, and provisioning mobile devices with secure authentication policies. Secure enterprise-grade connectivity and superior quality of service (QoS) ensure the fidelity and security of all data and always-on service for dynamic multimedia applications such as multicast video, Apple Face Time and SIP voice over IP. Device-centric centralized management controls total bandwidth usage per user or device, scaling easily to support new IP address assignments, while providing centralized device inventory management.

Date of Certification:
January 2011

Aruba OS Tested:

Certified Products:
MobileIron Virtual SmartPhone platform
MobileIron VSP VSP 4.2.2 Build 23 (Branch r4.2-MR1)

SOTI Inc. develops industry-leading mobile device management (MDM) technology that solves the unique challenges involved in deploying, managing, securing, and supporting remote mobile and desktop computing devices. Targeted at the retail, manufacturing, healthcare, government, and logistics industries, SOTI products are used by over 80,000 customers in 150 countries to reduce the costs associated with supporting a mobile field-force. SOTI maintains offices in Canada, the US, Australia, and the UK, and its products and support are available in English, French, Japanese, German, Korean, and Spanish. Please visit for further information.

SOTI and Aruba
Aruba has integrated SOTI’s MobiControl MDM solution into the AirWave Wireless Management Suite, allowing an operator to manage the LAN, WLAN, and mobile devices from a single pane of glass. The AirWave suite tracks key mobile device performance metrics, and provides access to the all MobiControl features including: management of Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Google Android, and Windows Mobile devices; remote control and helpdesk tools to diagnose and quickly address problems; automatically deploy software and data to devices in the field in real-time; enable fine-grained control over how mobile devices are used and data are accessed; track hardware and software assets at any time using dynamic grouping management based on organizational structures or locations; and proactively monitors device-side and server-side system events and triggers immediate notifications to keep administrators informed on live mobile activity.

WildPackets entwickelt innovative, benutzerfreundliche Lösungen, die es Organisationen ermöglichen, ihre Netzwerke zu überwachen, Fehler zu beheben durchzuführen und die Netzwerke zu schützen. OmniPeek und OmniEngine bieten Netzwerktechnikern rund um die Uhr einen intelligenten Echtzeiteinblick in jeden Bereich des Netzwerks – und dies gleichzeitig über eine einzige Schnittstelle und einschließlich Ethernet, Gigabit, 10GbE, Wireless, VoIP und WAN. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter

WildPackets und Aruba
Aruba und WildPackets haben gemeinsam eine integrierte Lösung entwickelt, die 802.11ac-Pakete in Echtzeit aus mehreren Aruba Access Points durch einen Tunnel leitet und in der OmniPeek- und OmniEngine-Software von WildPackets zusammenfasst. Der kabellose Tunnel umfasst umfangreiche Metadaten für jedes Paket einschließlich Datenrate, Signalstärke und Werte der spatialen Ströme. Durch das Streamen von Paketen in Echtzeit und die Verwendung hochentwickelter Analyse- und Visualisierungstechnologien zur Beurteilung dieser Pakete können Netzwerktechniker Probleme kabelloser Netzwerke einschließlich Rogue-Erkennung und Roaming-Latenz identifizieren, quantifizieren, messen und testen.

Datum der Zertifizierung:
April 2014

Getestetes Aruba-BS:
Nicht relevant

Zertifizierte Produkte:
OmniPeek und OmniEngine