Pro Care Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the toll/international phone numbers for Pro Care?

Pro Care TAC Calling Numbers +1-833-744-6859 (US & Canada) or Pro Care Express Routing +1-678-259-0835 Code: 7762273

2. How can I submit a Case?

You can open a case by phone by calling +1-833-744-6859 (US & Canada) or Pro Care Express Routing +1-678-259-0835 Code: 7762273 or online using the HPE Networking Support Portal.

Access to HPE Networking Support Portal gives the ability to create and view cases, search the Aruba knowledge base, and review product documentation, product advisories, and renewal information. Your authorized IT staff POCs (point of contact) identified in response to the Aruba Pro Care Welcome Package will be given login credentials to access HPE Networking Support Portal.

3. Will I have a Senior Engineer assigned to my account?

Yes, as a Pro Care customer, your IT staff be routed to a pool of Aruba Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Senior Engineers with multi-product expertise. A senior TAC Engineer will take on and prioritize your case and become the single POC for each case. Different cases will often have different Senior Engineers as the single POC.

4. What are the Quarterly Case Analysis Reports and how will they be provided?

The Quarterly Case Analysis Reports are Case Metrics for a high-level view of cases by product and severity. The Quarterly Case Analysis Report is provided on HPE Networking Support Portal, once you log in you can select a complete quarter view, by group, showcase by severity, case aging, Time to Resolution (MTTR), closed cases by Return Material Authorization (RMA), and closed cases by issue type.

5. What network information do you need and how will it be used?

A copy of a common configuration file(s) for your given use case and high-level network topology is needed to enable and complete your “Know Me, Know My Network Information” (KMKMN) repository. This information will be stored on a secure server and only accessed by those who need it. E.g., Sr. TAC Engineers who will be taking on your open cases.

When you open a case, an Aruba Senior Engineer with advanced expertise in the product will review the KMKMN information. This allows the engineer to quickly become familiar and knowledgeable about you and your network.

If your IT team has submitted the KMKMN information, the Senior Engineer will not have to spend precious troubleshooting time asking preliminary questions, and instead, will be able to start the troubleshooting process quickly. This reduces the time needed by the Senior Engineer to prepare for the incident investigation, reducing your wait time for case resolution and resulting in a superior experience with our TAC.