Simplify Network Operations with Distributed Analytics

Real-time, network-wide insights to speed troubleshooting and planning.

Distributed Analytics Simplify Network Operations

IT operators need real-time, network-wide visibility so they can swiftly detect, prioritize, and troubleshoot issues as the occur. Aruba provides this level of insight with the Network Analytics Engine, an on-box application in every Aruba CX switch that delivers distributed analytics for intelligent monitoring, faster troubleshooting, and smarter capacity planning.

Traditional network analytics and monitoring tools are limited

Network operators have historically relied on CLI commands, polling or SNMP traps to try and capture performance problems. This is the proverbial needle-in-the-haystack approach—far too reactive, labor-intensive, and lacking any actionable data.

Streaming telemetry to a central collector is another common approach, but it often results in extra costs with more appliances to buy and servers to maintain. This can also place added strain on the network due to excessive bandwidth consumption, and latency causes delays in the availability of data.

Lastly, most third-party monitoring tools merely sample data because they can’t collect everything that may be of interest. Without this level of resolution, network operators can’t easily investigate and resolve short-lived or intermittent problems.

Making a difference with the Aruba Network Analytics Engine

The Aruba Network Analytics Engine (NAE) overcomes these tradeoffs with intelligent pre-processing of data that turns raw telemetry into actionable insights. NAE is embedded in every Aruba CX switch, providing the necessary compute and storage to analyze any event that could impact network health, in near real time.

Armed with powerful analytics, IT operators can dramatically improve MTTR when investigating issues to applications, networks, or devices. Leveraging insights into network usage also leads to better network designs and aids future capacity planning decisions.

What Aruba NAE provides

Aruba NAE provides:

  • Relevant historical data correlated to configuration changes
  • Automated service impact and root cause analysis
  • Complete telemetry from all system information
  • Information from neighboring infrastructure
  • Integrations with Slack, ServiceNow, and other popular IT tools

How the Aruba Network Analytics Engine works

Easy-to-deploy agents based on Python scripts establish what data to monitor—parameters a network operator sets and modifies as needed within an intuitive, web-based UI.

Once deployed, the NAE agent conducts AI-driven baselines to determine what constitutes regular network behavior. The agent automatically tunes these baselines and desired thresholds over time as network conditions change.

Once an irregularity occurs, the agent collects telemetry of interest, triggers a notification, and automates many diagnostic actions to jumpstart troubleshooting without operator intervention.

NAE Dashboard

Notifications can be sent via email, to Slack, or any number of industry-leading incident management tools like ServiceNow. All data is presented in an intuitive, web-based UI via time series data graphs and other powerful visualizations, like in the dashboard you see above.

With NAE, there is no more manual polling for issues or sifting through multiple data sources when an event of interest occurs. Instead, NAE proactively detects issues and automatically correlates the associated data to probable root cause—all presented to operators within their existing workflows.

NAE Use Cases | Event-driven Monitoring and Troubleshooting
System HealthNetwork AnalyticsSecurity AnalyticsApplication VisibilityNetwork Optimization
(e.g. Faulty Transceivers or Broadcast Storms)(e.g. Link State or OSPF Health)(e.g. IoT Traffic Anomalies)(e.g. IPSLA Session Stats for Office 365)(e.g. Automate Route Changes During Outage)

Simplify Networking with Aruba CX

The Aruba Network Analytics Engine is part of the Aruba CX Switching Portfolio—a unified networking solution that spans from edge access to the data center. Built on cloud-native principles, Aruba CX delivers scalable platforms to power today’s cloud, mobile, and IoT initiatives, with intuitive management tools that transform the network operator experience.

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