Join us 11–14 June 2019
at Amadria Park near Šibenik, Croatia

2019 Keynote

Keerti Melkote, President and Founder, Aruba, talks about the latest technology innovations at Atmosphere 2019 EMEA.
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2019 Highlights

Aruba brought Atmosphere EMEA 2019 to Croatia and over 1,700 Airheads, customers & partners helped the event set new benchmarks all around. Aruba executives, experts and valued partners shared the latest technology innovations.
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2019 Tech Keynote

Aruba’s CTO Partha Narasimhan and the product management team showcased new innovations in software, as-a-Service models and advances in machine learning and analytics.
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Apologies if you haven’t been able to join us at Atmosphere, however we also host a number of other events, including our Airheads Tech Talk Webinars and Airheads Tech Talk Live events, that take place across EMEA. For further information please visit our events page.

Once again thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you at one of events in the future.


11–14 June 2019
Šibenik, Croatia