EMEA Call for Papers

The EMEA Call for Papers program is now closed. We would like to thank all our submitters and congratulate the shortlisted papers.

Shortlisted Papers

The Blox Building – Danish Architecture Center Utilizing Aruba’s Mobile First Platform

The Blox Building – Danish Architecture Center will be building a completely new high-performance Aruba infrastructure for its new high profiled building (called Blox). The Blox is currently being built on Copenhagen’s harbour waterfront and will be opened on May 4th 2018 by the Queen of Denmark. The deployment will utilize the full Aruba Mobile First platform and use all special features and functionalities including AirMatch, Per User Tunneled node, Switch VSF, VIA VPN, and a full 802.1x Secure infrastructure orchestrated by ClearPass including Guest, OnBoard and Onguard and AirWave as Management Platform. On top of the Aruba infrastructure there is also an Aruba Meridian Location Services deployment and Skyfii Business Analytics.

Aruba Tags: Real use cases

Learn about Aruba tags use cases in different verticals including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail.

Of viruses and parasites, robbers and spies

Speeding through 12 years of cyber threats, Eward outlines the events leading up to today’s T-junction, where the bad criminals move to cryptojacking and the good ones get recruited by the nation states they reside in. Whether you’re a target, bycatch or collateral damage, risk varies wildly across different verticals. It’s more important than ever to keep our cool while we design our defenses. Because it’s not the end of the world, it’s not a rat race; it’s a game of leap frog.

G# – Take the best of your customer’s movement

The presentation will be organized in four parts: First, we will go through benefits of indoor location analytics. The focus here is on how companies could, and why they should use the data provided by their visitor’s phones to improve their businesses. Second, we will make a short walk through of G# software solution and its setup and show what is inside the product. In few words, G# is a software solution, made entirely end to end by Saga. It gathers location data through Aruba’s ALE platform, processes the data and provides clients with different types of reports. Afterwards, we will try to summarize the impediments that we faced in the developing phase and future challenges. The goal of this section is to share Saga’s lessons learned in a way other can benefit.


June 4–7, 2018
Šibenik, Croatia