Digital transformation comes from balancing experience and risk. The availability of web-enabled devices and cloud applications has re-defined the user experience. Mobile working, instant sharing and global collaboration is now the norm, powered by consumer applications that have surpassed IT-regulated technologies. In order to deliver on the promise of digital transformation, businesses must be able to bring these disparate people, places and things together in harmony, and the network is the single point where this can be done.

The risks that these technologies bring cannot be denied; we are faced with a generation of employees that care less about company security, and have more opportunities to mislay it. The high-profile breaches of 2017 look set to continue as hackers continue to probe the vulnerabilities that exist within many corporate networks, and the introduction of IoT devices adds yet more end points where a potential attack can occur.

But perhaps the biggest risk of all is to let these challenges prevent us from taking a fresh look at the user, and the experiences they demand. By incorporating their demands into both networking and security architectures, the balance between experience and risk can be achieved.

During Atmosphere EMEA’18 you learn how:

  • Behavior-based security will secure you company from the inside-out.
  • To improve the employee and customer experience using Aruba’s Mobile First Architecture.
  • Your networking peers are solving similar issues.
  • The latest cloud management tools can simplify network operations.
  • To turn data generated from the network into insights and competitive differentiation.

Watch the “Sights & Sounds” video to see highlights from EMEA ATM 2017.

Atmosphere Sessions


Designed by engineers for engineers, Airheads lay out the technical vision of cloud networking and “smart spaces”, plus today’s innovations in the Intelligent Edge.

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Join the Partner Ready for Networking community for exclusive sessions at Atmosphere EMEA’18. This year we will be revealing some exciting new business models to help support new ways for customers to consume IT services. You will gain the knowledge and tools you need to get ahead in the fast-growing enterprise mobility, security and IoT markets.

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*Technical Training

Complement your attendance with technical training in one of 6 areas. These in-depth sessions span 2 days and contain a mix of labs and lectures. Space is limited and attendees must register early to secure their spot in these sessions.

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June 4–7, 2018
Šibenik, Croatia