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Sessions information for 2019 Airheads tracks is coming soon.

Technical tracks and hands-on Airheads sessions at Atmosphere are designed and delivered by your industry peers, Aruba engineers, product managers and technical experts to help you better understand emerging technologies, design principles and how to better optimize your existing infrastructure.

Each of the tracks below offer both intro and advanced sessions. A full schedule of sessions will be published soon.

Hear from Airheads MVPs on their top reasons to attend EMEA Atmosphere

2018 Airheads Tracks

  • Enterprise Network Security
  • Considerations for the next-gen branch
  • Powering your campus with a Mobile First Architecture
  • Tomorrow’s Technology Innovations
  • Next-Gen Operations and Monitoring

Enterprise Network Security

Today’s mobile-first digital enterprise is fueled by innovations such as BYOD, virtualization, Cloud and IoT. However, this presents an exponentially expanded attack surface that is very difficult to defend. The challenge is compounded by highly organized and targeted attacks that are designed to evade traditional security defenses. This track will describe how the Aruba 360 Secure Fabric can help any organization deal with this new and increasingly dangerous cyberattack landscape by leveraging Aruba security products and technologies in an open, multi-vendor security ecosystem.

Topics include:

  • An overview of the Aruba 360 Secure Fabric and how to get started with Aruba security solutions
  • New ClearPass analytics-based device discovery and profiling
  • Deep dive into IntroSpect UEBA and machine-learning attack detection
  • A workshop on getting started with UEBA with IntroSpect Standard
  • How to leverage ClearPass for adaptive attack response

Considerations for the next-gen branch

Today’s branch networks are no longer defined by a typical WAN hub-and-spoke model. Public and private cloud options now provide users direct access to corporate applications and services from any device. This exposes new management, visibility, and security risks and new connectivity requirements for branch, remote, and mobile workers. In this track, we’ll explore how the role of IT is shifting as they deploy, manage, and secure networks. We’ll also look at practical applications of the Mobile First Architecture including SD-WAN features and finding innovative ways to improve the operational bottom line.

Topics include:

  • Unified wired and wireless
  • Application visibility and control
  • Leveraging role-based network access
  • Defining common policies across networks
  • Cloud-managed network monitoring and controls

Powering your campus with a Mobile First Architecture

Your campus network is changing. Device densities are booming across both wired and wireless with the influx of IoT and mobile devices. Traffic patterns and QoS requirements are shifting as applications migrate to the cloud and mobile becomes the primary medium for business processes and communications. Evolve to a Mobile First Architecture to meet the needs of your business with a user-centric network.

Power your campus network with an architecture that is secure, open, insightful, proactive, and autonomous. This track will explore how with the Aruba Mobile First Architecture.

Topics include:

  • Moving to a Digital Workplace with Aruba
  • Unifying policy and management across wired and wireless
  • Securing your campus with the Aruba 360 Secure Fabric
  • Scaling the Mobile First Architecture from branch to campus
  • Designing your network to scale into the future

Tomorrow’s Technology Innovations

The network of tomorrow will be radically reshaped by the next generation of Wi-Fi radio technology, new paradigms for network policy and security, and the rapid adoption of data-driven analytics to solve business intelligence problems. This track will highlight product innovations and case studies that illustrate this ongoing transformation towards a user-centric network.

Topics include:

  • Campus-Architecture
  • Next Generation Wi-Fi
  • How Big Data and IoT can change your business
  • Case studies of tops-down innovation

Next-Gen Operations and Monitoring

As IoT and mobility services take hold, operational efficiency and automation are key. IT organizations require a new level of visibility, analytics and control to keep up with influx of devices, application traffic, and infrastructure changes. Amid these changes, intelligent cloud-managed networking and on-premises solutions can provide required network management and monitoring, as well as connectivity and network analytics, API integration, application visibility, and security features needed for today’s Mobile First Architecture. This track will deliver insights into Aruba’s direction for managing todays’ wireless, wired and SD-WAN deployments.

Topics include:

  • Deployment and service assurance management best practices
  • Understanding on-premises and cloud options
  • An introduction to machine learning and real-time insights
  • Leveraging network management for security initiatives
  • Enabling third-party business logic for automation via REST-based APIs

Sessions information for 2019 Partner track is coming soon.

Join the industry’s fastest growing partner community for exclusive sessions at our biggest partner event of the year! Gain the market, product and solution knowledge needed to grow your business in mobility, security and IoT in today’s highly competitive landscape. Learn valuable insights from our experts on how to find new opportunities and confidently compete, close business and deliver expanded services in today’s mobile-first environment.

2018 Partner Tracks

  • Cloud/Management
  • Infrastructure
  • Location Services
  • Plenary Sessions
  • Security
  • Solutions
  • Solutions Deep Dive
  • Verticals

Understanding the ins and outs of Aruba Central

See the latest great features in Aruba Central, and learn how to leverage a built-in MSP dashboard, and what’s coming. This is a don’t miss opportunity for anyone competing in today’s cloud-managed networking business. Leave with the confidence to win in any branch or distributed enterprise opportunity.

Grow Your Managed Services Practice with Aruba Central

Today’s advanced networks have unleashed new opportunities for managed service providers (MSPs) to remotely deploy, monitor and manage technology through network as a service. Join this session to learn how to create a recurring stream of service revenue leveraging Aruba’s Central cloud network management solution.

Expanding Aruba’s Branch Opportunity from RF to SD-WAN

Cloud-based applications, mobile devices, and hybrid WAN feed a growing demand from customers for access from anywhere. Learn about Aruba’s approach to streamline IT management, visibility, and control for distributed branch operations to simplify network architecture at scale. We will review key branch designs, features, and strategies by industry to fit a variety of customer scenarios.

Scale IT resources with Aruba’s IT operations and Management Portfolio

Learn how to win with Aruba AirWave, Central and NetInsight for campus and branch network management and operations. See where each fits and how the cloud and machine learning can be used to optimize your SE resources, while delivering best-in-class wired and wirleless network service level agreements.

Aruba expands switching portfolio to Campus Core/Aggregation

With the introduction of the 8400/8320 switch series, Aruba brings a micro-services style, database-oriented operating system – ArubaOS-CX – to extend the campus portfolio from access to aggregation and core for the most demanding application environments. The use of REST API’s and the built-in network analytics engine (NAE) provides a level of automation and visibility never seen before in campus networking. In this session you will hear about new innovations in the 8400/8320 – AOS-CX Operating System.

Grow your business with Aruba Small Business Networks (SMB)

Your small and medium-sized business customers need a simple, affordable and reliable network that can be supported with limited IT resources. Join this session to learn about the Aruba strategy to help you take advantage of this profitable opportunity using Aruba’s network solutions for SMB

Zeroing In On Key Wireless AP Use Cases and Deployments

Gain insight into new WLAN sales opportunities, AP refresh cycles, and a sneak peak into future wireless standards. This session will provide competitive guidance as you overcome objections through key customer wins and AP deployment scenarios.

Win with the latest from ArubaOS! Use nonstop Wi-Fi reliability to mitigate business outages

Massive traffic is hitting the network and users expect no interruption in their mobile experience. Learn about how you can have an “always on” network for your customers with ArubaOS 8 Controller Clustering and Live Upgrade. We also showcase other advancement in Aruba software technology, customer references and competitive positioning to arm you with the necessary tools to win new deals. Don’t miss this session. All new Aruba hardware platforms will be on ArubaOS 8.

Grow your business with the innovation of Aruba switching

We’re full speed ahead with network scalability, security and automation with our edge to core Aruba campus switch solution. Join this session to learn the challenges driving customer requirements, unique technologies and differentiators and how to select best-fit switching solutions so you can beat the competition and grow your business with Aruba.

Locating Wins with Aruba Meridian

During this session we will focus on the opportunity at existing Aruba customers that own some of the 2 million location-ready APs already deployed. These customers can enable Meridian mobile engagement and/or asset tracking to get more value from their network. Use cases in corporate campuses and healthcare will be discussed, including new and emerging topics like Emergency Notifications, enabled by Engage partners.

Partner Track Opening Keynote

Aruba is growing strong and our partners and distributors play a critical role in our success. Join our Channel Executives during the welcome and opening keynote of Partner Track at Atmosphere.

Partner Track Channel Strategy

Learn more about Aruba’s channel strategy, business opportunities and program enhancements.

Partner Track Closing Session and Partner Awards

Join us for the Awards Ceremony of Aruba where we will honor all our partners and those that went the extra mile in particular.

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Ain’t No River Wide Enough..” to keep the bad guys out

Every organization is under attack 24×7, and the most damaging attacks will evade standard security defenses. Aruba now has a fully integrated set of security products and technologies: the 360 Secure Fabric. We’ll survey the overall security landscape and then outline key customer challenges, uses cases and successful selling techniques to enable you to confidently engage with both the network and security buyers to deliver protection against headline-making attacks.

ClearPass Exchange: Maximizing third party context

Learn more about Aruba 360 Security Exchange; Our Exchange Partners have developed security and operations features that integrate with our Aruba ClearPass Network Access Control and IntroSpect User and Entity Behavior Analytics solutions.

ClearPass SecureNAC – Security Sales Success

Grow your revenue, increase your business, recognizing the changing threat landscape all businesses face. Aruba ClearPass has evolved to meet the challenges of IoT, mobility and security orchestration. Through SWOT analysis, this session will show how ClearPass meets the needs of the enterprise, where engagements points exist, and how to succeed in a competitive landscape.

Ignite Your Security Practice with Aruba’s 360 Secure Fabric

Your customers’ legacy network perimeters have been blurred by a complex array of mobile devices, cloud apps and IoT – making their networks vulnerable to security threats that they may be inadequately prepared to address. Join this session to learn how to integrate Aruba’s 360 Secure Fabric with your firm’s unique professional services to build out your security services practice while you remedy customers’ security concerns.

Turn Market and Competitive Trends into Business Opportunities

Your most successful business strategies are the ones that more than satisfy your customers’ needs – they predict and guide their course. Join this session to learn how to transform market trends, customer buying tendencies and the industry landscape into an impactful customer approach providing Aruba’s mobile first solutions.

Elevate the Conversation with IoT: 20 Billion More Reasons for Network Evolution

Over seven billion BYO devices help put Aruba in the lead powering Mobile First workplaces. Soon 20 billion connected IoT devices promise to create the next set of dialogues and opportunities with your customers. Understand IoT drivers, pain points, stakeholders, products, and go-to-market partners so you’re prepared for the next network revolution.

Building Next Generation Experiences with Aruba Mobile First Architecture

Join this session to learn about the Aruba Mobile First Architecture and how it can benefit your customers by delivering new user experiences. We will talk about network solutions that address key customer concerns for wired, wireless, and security.

Help your customers conquer the Digital Workplace

Discover key trends and challenges that are driving innovation in the Digital Workplace. Learn which Aruba products power your customers’ intelligent edge and when to position each solution across our leading wired, wireless, location, security and management technologies. We will explore buyer personas, their key requirements and how to satisfy their business goals.

What’s on your network and how to keep the network secure

What’s on your network?  Let’s start with what you do know…Everyone wants to know what’s there, but even if we know what’s there – how do we know it’s ours? Explore some practical advice on how to discover and control what’s connecting to the network – and more specifically the processes around that.

Wired Security – Securing the wire without impacting operations. In theory securing wired should be no different from securing wireless; wired connectivity should be covered by the same consistent access policies afforded to mobility projects.  The trouble is that the wire has always worked, instantly – and we don’t like to mess with that.  Given that the road to full wired AAA is a long one, let us provide an easy route with plenty of stopping off points for customers of all nervous dispositions!

Complexity is the enemy of security. What can Aruba do to help reduce complexity and therefore reduce mistakes…and worse?  Explore the numerous ways in which Aruba can help with reducing the risks and overheads associated with excessive reliance on manual CLI submission.  How can we leverage context from 3rd parties in our access decisions, and how can that configuration process be automated?  Failing that, when we do have to go manual, what protection can we put in place for those that operate the network?

Transform Your Customer to the Smart Office

Demand of connectivity anytime, anyplace. Flood of mobile and IoT and not compromising on Security, are you afraid how to deliver this for your customers? Let’s learn how Aruba Mobile First Architecture builds the Intelligent Edge network for your customers so that they can ensure that employees, visitors, guest and IoT all connect with the right role, secure and differentiated access, while keeping the network simple to manage, though secure. This session will talk about how you can take your customer on that journey, different use cases and how you win against competition.

Enhance Cloud and Branch Management through Managed Services

Looking for ways to expand your business? Want to deliver managed service? Digital transformation, cloud, As a Service, IoT, mobility to name some of the changes that are happening around us. With these changes partners need to adapt and transform their way of doing business. During this workshop we will talk about these trends and how you can benefit from these changes with Aruba Cloud Solutions. Generate new revenue streams with Aruba’s Cloud based LAN/WLAN/(SD-)WAN & Analytics solutions and how you can offer these as a CAPEX or OPEX model for your customers. Real cases will be discussed to see how partners are leveraging Aruba Solutions to deliver Managed Services that help them grow their business. Join this session and lets grow the business together!

Win More Deals in Education

In this session, we’ll highlight market dynamics, challenges, opportunities, and selling techniques in Primary and Higher Education. We’ll also arm you with how to discover key decision makers and influencers, and help you position Aruba solutions. You’ll leave wanting to win with Aruba!

Winning in Hospitality

In this session, we’ll highlight market dynamics, challenges, opportunities, and selling techniques in Hospitality. We’ll also arm you with how to discover key decision makers and influencers, and help you position Aruba solutions. You’ll leave wanting to win with Aruba and also learn more about the Aruba deployment at the Atmosphere venue.

Winning in Retail

In this session, we’ll highlight market dynamics, challenges, opportunities, and selling techniques in Retail. We’ll also arm you with how to discover key decision makers and influencers, and help you position Aruba solutions. You’ll leave wanting to win with Aruba!

Winning in Healthcare

In this session, we’ll highlight market dynamics, challenges, opportunities, and selling techniques in Healthcare. We’ll also arm you with how to discover key decision makers and influencers, and help you position Aruba solutions. You’ll leave wanting to win with Aruba!

Sessions information for 2019 Airheads technical training is coming soon.

Complement your attendance with technical training in one of 6 areas. These in-depth sessions span 2 days and contain a mix of labs and lectures. Space is limited and attendees must register early to secure their spot in these sessions.

2018 Training Tracks

  • Mobility v8: Levels 1 & 2
  • Aruba ClearPass Level 1
  • Meridian Fundamentals
  • Aruba Switching Fundamentals for Mobility
  • Aruba Design Fundamentals

Mobility v8 Level 1

The Mobility level 1 class covers the elements needed to build a simple Aruba wireless network with an Aruba controller, Mobility Master and APs. It includes an introduction to the controller and AP architecture, profiles, roles and captive portal amongst other features.

  • Module 1 – WLAN Fundamentals
  • Module 2 – Mobile First Architecture
  • Module 3 – Mobility Master Configuration
  • Module 4 – Secure WLAN configuration
  • Module 5 – AP Provisioning
  • Module 6 – Firewall roles & policies
  • Module 7 – Guest access

Mobility v8 Level 2

The Mobility v8 level 2 class covers elements of building complex redundant multi-controller networks. It includes topics like clustering, MM redundancy, multizone, tunneled node and others.

  • Module 1 – Intro & Review
  • Module 2 – MM Redundancy
  • Module 3 – MM & MC Operations
  • Module 4 – Multizone
  • Module 5 – Clustering basic
  • Module 6 – Clustering advanced
  • Module 7 – Mobility
  • Module 8 – Tunneled node

Aruba ClearPass Level 1

The ClearPass level 1 class covers the elements needed to deploy and perform basic provisioning of a ClearPass server. This includes 802.1X with AD integration, Guest, Onboarding, Profiling and Posture.

  • Module 1 – Intro to ClearPass
  • Module 2 – Intro to ClearPass for AAA
  • Module 3 – Active Directory
  • Module 4 – Intro to Guest
  • Module 5 – Intro to OnBoard
  • Module 6 – Intro to Profiling
  • Module 7 – Intro to Posture

Meridian Fundamentals

This class provides the basics of using the Meridian app builder and Bluetooth beacons for location and proximity notifications.

  • Module 1 – Overview of Meridian/BLE & ALE
  • Module 2 – Maps and Placemarks
  • Module 3 – Pages and Events
  • Module 4 – Beacon Positioning
  • Module 5 – Campaigns and Notifications
  • Module 6 – Beacon Deployment and Installation
  • Module 7 – Beacon Management
  • Module 11 – Integration with ClearPass

Aruba Switching Fundamentals for Mobility

This course teaches you the fundamental skills necessary to configure and manage modern, open standards-based networking solutions. This course consists of approximately 20% lecture and 80% hands-on lab exercises to help you learn how to implement and validate small to medium enterprise network solutions. In this course, participants learn about ArubaOS switch technologies including: VLANs, securing access, redundancy technologies such as MSTP, link aggregation techniques including LACP, and switch virtualization with Aruba’s Virtual Switching Framework (VSF). You will also learn about IP Routing including static and dynamic IP routing with OSPF.

  • Module 1 – Introduction to HPE Networking
  • Module 2 – Basic Switch setup
  • Module 3 – Secure Management Access
  • Module 4 – Managing software and configurations
  • Module 5 – VLANs
  • Module 6 – Spanning Tree
  • Module 7 – Link Aggregation
  • Module 8 – Routing
  • Module 9 – Virtual Switching Framework (VSF)

Aruba Design Fundamentals

This course teaches you design best practices across the Aruba product line, including both the wireless and wired networking components, as well as other elements of Aruba mobility solutions.

  • Module 1 – Determine customer requirements
  • Module 2 – RF Planning
  • Module 3 – Aruba Campus Design
  • Module 4 – Wired network design
  • Module 5 – Access Control & Security

The IT Executive Forum is an exclusive, invitation-only event for some of the most innovative visionaries in the executive community.

As an attendee, you will have full access to Atmosphere 2019 EMEA but a specific program has been planned for you which will include attendance to the main keynotes on Day 1 and Day 2. You will meet peers in your own and other industries who are addressing similar challenges and visions as yourself, with whom you can exchange ideas. You will also meet a number of influential guest speakers who will share their views and recommendations with you.

The detailed agenda will be communicated directly to invitees. A full schedule of sessions will be published soon.

If you wish to receive an invitation, please contact your Aruba account representative.