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Analynk manufactures explosion-proof, Class 1, Division 1, Groups C&D, ATEX-certified enclosures and antennas. Their extensive machining capabilities enable the company to quickly adapt hazardous area enclosures to support new products. Key target markets include chemical, petrochemical, water, wastewater, pharmaceutical, and distillation applications. For more information please visit

Analynk and Aruba
Many flight line, refinery, oil platform, storage depot, and mining applications require placing an AP-92, AP-124, AP-134, or MSR-1200 access point in an environment that is exposed to gasoline, natural gas, or other explosive gases or vapors present on. Providing Wi-Fi or mesh in these hazardous locations can now be accomplished by mounting the AP or MSR inside a compatible Analynk enclosure and connecting approved conduit and cabling. The enclosures include Class 1 Division 1 dual-band CTX-2402-TR 802.11n omni-directional antennas with in-line lightning arrestors.

Aruba OS Tested:

  • Not Relevant

Certified Products:

  • Analynk 600 Series Enclosures with CTX Series Antennas

BlueSky Mast
BlueSky Mast designs and builds advanced multi-purpose, portable mast platforms for military communications and surveillance. The company’s mast systems are lightweight, tool-less and designed for durability, portability and rapid deployment. For more information please visit

BlueSky Mast and Aruba
Aruba and BlueSky Mast have teamed to deliver a tactical, man-portable Wi-Fi system for first responder, disaster recovery, special event, and government applications. Designed for use with BlueSky Mast military-grade AL1, -2, and -3 masts, and Aruba AP/IAP-274, -275, and -277 ruggedized access points, the solution features the 032 Arm Kit by which the access point mounts securely to the mast. In just minutes a fully functional commercial or FIPS 140-2 compliant network can be set-up and operational without the use of any tools. All components fit into a carrying bag or optional hard case. Optional Virideon tactical solar kits and Li-Ion battery packs and hard cases provide flexible power options.

Aruba Products Tested:
AP/IAP-274, -275, and -277 Access Points

Certified Products:
AL-1, -2, -3 masts with 032 Arm Kit

CommScope (NASDAQ: COMM) wired and wireless network infrastructure solutions help increase bandwidth, maximize existing capacity, improve network performance and availability, increase energy efficiency, and simplify technology migration. For more information please visit

CommScope and Aruba
CommScope and Aruba have collaborated to extend high-speed powered connectivity over long distances to Aruba’s outdoor access points. CommScope’s Powered Fiber Cable System uses a centrally located power source and hybrid fiber/copper cable to deliver power and data over 3km to a PoE Extender adapter mounted to Aruba’s AP-270 and IAP-270 families of access points. That’s 30 times the distance of an Ethernet PoE cable system. The PoE Extender is designed to attach inside the AP-270 mounting bracket, simplifying installation and maintenance.

Aruba Access Point Tested:
AP-270 and IAP-270 Family Access Points

Certified Products:
Powered Fiber Cable System

Powered Fiber Cable System Brief

Microsemi manufactures mid-span power over Ethernet (PoE) injectors. PoE injectors send power over standard Ethernet cables, eliminating the need to run separate power cords and LAN cables to access points, phones, and data ports. Microsemi’s mid-span family ranges from single port injectors to 6, 12, and 24 port devices with up to 95 Watts per port. For more information, please visit

Microsemi and Aruba
Microsemi and Aruba have collaborated to ensure that integrators have a wide range of PoE power options for challenging deployment scenarios. Microsemi and Aruba have collaborated to ensure that integrators have a wide range of PoE power options for challenging deployment scenarios. The Microsemi 6500G series can power 6, 12, or 24 access points, IP cameras, video phones, thin clients and other Ethernet end terminals at up to 15.4 Watts per port. The 9000G series can power 1, 6, 12, or 24 Ethernet end terminals at up to 36 Watts per port. The 9500G series can power 1, 6, 12, or 24 Ethernet end terminals at up to 72 Watts per port.

Aruba OS Tested:
Not Relevant

Certified Products:
Microsemi 3500G, 6500G, 9000G and 9500G

Oberon is a leading designer and manufacturer of in-building structured cabling and wireless voice and data network infrastructure products. Oberon’s wireless LAN and telecommunications enclosures have assisted thousands of computer system integrators, communications network designers/installers, and enterprise end-users deploy cost effective, easy to install, reliable wireless networks. For further information, please visit

Oberon and Aruba
Aruba has teamed with Oberon to ensure the availability of Oberon enclosure and antenna products for use with a broad range of Aruba Wi-Fi access points. Oberon products offer infrastructure security and environmental robustness, and can help ensure regulatory compliance while meeting end users’ aesthetics requirements. Oberon products fully enclose Aruba’s access points, while providing easy access for authorized technicians. Working together, Aruba and Oberon simplify the planning, deployment, and maintenance of Aruba wireless networks.

Omnitron Systems manufactures power sourcing media converters. Media converters connect fiber optic cabling to Ethernet networks. Power sourcing media converters with integrated PoE combine the high-speed, long-distance communication capability of fiber optics with a power-over-Ethernet (PoE) to supply operating power access points and peripherals. For more information, please visit

Omnitron and Aruba
Omnitron Systems and Aruba have collaborated to ensure that integrators have access to a wide range of power sourcing media converters for indoor (0 to +50 ºC) and outdoor (-40 to +60ºC) deployment scenarios. Installation is simplified by the integration of a PoE source into the media converter which results in fewer devices to purchase, mount, and connect.

Aruba OS Tested:

  • Not Relevant

Certified Products:

Founded in 1997, RolaTube Expeditionary Systems Ltd. is a British design and manufacturing company that specializes in proprietary rollable composite materials for physically and environmentally demanding applications. For more information please visit

RolaTube and Aruba
RolaTube and Aruba have collaborated to create ruggedized Wi-Fi rapid deployment kits for commercial and TAA compliant AP/IAP-228, AP/IAP-274, AP/IAP-275, and AP/IAP-277 Access Points. The RolaTube WIN-T Aruba Tripod System allows a high performance Aruba Instant or controller-based 802.11ac Wi-Fi network to be deployed in just minutes, and is ideal for defense, disaster recovery, first responder, sporting event, and trade show/convention applications. The lightweight, compact WIN-T includes a tripod, mast, and mounting accessories. Tripod masts are available in heights from 3 to 5 meters (9’ 10” to 16’ 5”). The kit collapses into two 38cm x 31cm x 31 cm (15” x 13” x 13”) cordura bags.

Aruba APs Supported:
AP/IAP-228, AP/IAP-274, AP/IAP-275, and AP/IAP-277 Access Points

Certified Products:
WIN-T Aruba Tripod System 980-304000-3-1

Solis Energy
Solis Energy, based in Altamonte Springs, Florida, is a global provider of reliable, continuous outdoor power generation and back-up systems for low wattage applications. Products feature robust weathertight construction, auto-ranging 100-240VAC inputs, and wide temperature operation. For more information, please visit

Solis Energy and Aruba
Solis Energy and Aruba have collaborated to ensure that integrators have a wide range of solar, back-up, and stand-by power options available for outdoor deployments. These solutions are ideal for both AirMesh and standard Aruba access point deployments, and include three types of power supplies:

  • Solar Power Plant solutions deliver solar generated 12/24/48VDC, Power over Ethernet (POE), and inverter-supplied AC. Typical applications include remote wireless networking and communications, security equipment, video surveillance, telemetry equipment, power conditioning, smart grid, SCADA, positive train control, and intelligent traffic controls;
  • Continuous Power Bridge solutions address the power gap caused by an intermittent power source, e.g., street lights that turn off during the day. A continuous power bridge charges itself when power is available – during the evening hours in the case of a street light – and then provides 100% of the power to your application during hours when AC power is off;
  • UPS solutions supply short-term power during brownouts, blackouts, power dips, and surges. The UPS units power equipment via nominal 12/24/48VDC or regulated 0-60VDC, Power over Ethernet (POE), or inverter-supplied AC. The solutions are sufficiently light weight that they can be mounted near the top of a street light or tower.

Solis has developed easy-to-use North America and International calculators that help select the right power source based on the access point model, battery operating time, and, in the case of solar supplies, the city/country in which the equipment will be deployed.

Aruba OS Tested:

  • Not Relevant

Certified Products:

  • SPB, CPB, and UPS series power supplies

TerraWave offers innovative Wi-Fi networking accessories including antennas, attenuators, cables and cable assemblies, connectors, enclosures and mounting solutions, lightning protectors, and survey and installation tools. These products are backed by comprehensive technical support, product and deployment consultation, product integration and set-up, and custom kitting. For further information, please visit

TerraWave and Aruba

TerraWave offers a broad range of mounting, cabling, protection, and power solutions for use with Aruba Wi-Fi access points. Enclosure options include ceiling tile, bubble, wall, and temperature-controlled outdoor products for use with all Aruba access points. Accessories include power sources, antennas, bulkhead jacks, surge suppressors, ground bars, RSMA and N-style cable assemblies, and jacks. Working together, Aruba and TerraWave have simplified the process of deploying of Aruba Wi-Fi networks both indoors and in harsh environments.
TerraWave and Aruba have collaborated to create a Wi-Fi rapid deployment kit for commercial and TAA compliant AP/IAP-228, AP/IAP-274, AP/IAP-275, and AP/IAP-277 Access Points. The TerraWave Rapid Deployment Kit includes a tripod with extension pole that can hold two APs (i.e., local access and directional backhaul), a 10-hour battery backup system, mounting hardware, data cables, and a quick start guide. The solution supports voice, video, and data access across a large area, and is ideal for concerts, auto races, festivals, and disaster recovery.

Aruba APs Supported:
AP/IAP-228, AP/IAP-274, AP/IAP-275, and AP/IAP-277 Access Points

Certified Products:
TerraWave Rapid Deployment Kit

Product Offerings: