Aruba AirWave

Aruba AirWave is a versatile multi-vendor wired and wireless network management system. If you're looking for unlimited scale, AIOps, and more, consider moving to Aruba Central: a cloud-managed networking solution.

Simplify campus networking

AirWave is a leading network management solution that simplifies day-to-day operations for large-scale campus environments.

Manage multi-vendor networks

Manage multi-vendor networks

Manage multiple generations of switches and wireless access points from just about any vendor, while getting granular visibility across your access infrastructure.

Improve user experience

Improve user experience

AirWave enables IT to quickly monitor and resolve user-impacting issues using custom alerts and simulated client testing that help eliminate future performance problems.

Protect performance of critical apps

Protect performance of critical apps

With deep visibility into the performance and usage of mobile and web apps, you can protect business-critical traffic by quickly taking action against high-risk sites and control Wi-Fi usage by app category.

Manage multi-vendor networks at scale

Streamlined configuration and deployment

It's easy to add, modify, or deploy new network devices using zero touch provisioning, group templates, and intuitive workflows.

Real-time visibility and control

Offering quick drill-downs into health and availability metrics, AirWave's detailed dashboards help you monitor critical network and application services.

Context-based troubleshooting tools

Quickly resolve network issues as they arise with real-time discovery, topology views, and powerful troubleshooting tools.

Firmware upgrade module

Easily update device firmware to minimize impact during peak operations with AirWave's advanced image upgrade and compliance module.

Intrusion detection with RAPIDS

Strengthen security by identifying and limiting threats to your network so that you can quickly resolve issues caused by rogue access points and clients.

Upgrade to Aruba Central

Upgrade to Aruba Central

Are you a longtime AirWave customer? Why not take advantage of higher-scale, improved system performance, and AI-powered analytics. Discover Aruba Central, our cloud-native solution available in both cloud and on-prem deployments. It’s network configuration and operations made simple.

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Aruba Central

Built on a cloud-native microservices architecture, Aruba Central delivers full-service AI insights, security, and unified infrastructure management for campus, branch, remote, and data center networks — all from a single point of control. It’s network configuration and operations made simple.

AIOps dashboard

Aruba AIOps

Aruba AIOps helps you proactively surface and resolve issues before business or users are impacted. Available within Aruba Central, this next-generation AI solution uniquely combines network- and user-centric analytics to not only identify and inform staff of anomalies, but also apply decades of networking expertise to analyze and provide prescriptive actions with greater than 95% accuracy.

User Experience Insight (UXI) dashboard screen

Aruba UXI

Easy-to-deploy network sensors provide rich insights into user experience, enabling you to continuously monitor and test apps across wired, wireless, WAN, and cloud, using AI-powered analytics to continuously meet or even exceed SLA targets.

ClearPass Device Insight screen

AI-Powered Client Insights

Automatically discover, classify, and monitor new or existing clients —including IoT devices—that are conneted to your wired or wireless network. For automated policy enforcement and an end-to-end security solution, combine with Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager.

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