ArubaOS network operating system

New mobility and cloud-based voice and video services require a wireless operating system that delivers always-on reliability, real-time visibility and control, and AI-powered performance optimization. ArubaOS for controller-managed WLAN provides the tools, insights and security needed to transform your business for today’s digital era.

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24/7 Utility-grade networking.

ArubaOS for Aruba Mobility Master and controllers is engineered for mission-critical environments that need always-on connectivity and seamless roaming. It’s designed to provide continuous connectivity and service – even during upgrades.
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Meet the Mobility Master.

Take advantage of the full power and scale of ArubaOS. Key Mobility Master features include management of up to 10,000 APs, Controller Clustering for high availability, AirMatch for AI-powered RF optimization, and MultiZone to securely segment traffic for multiple tenants.
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What are the four ways to modernize your campus network?

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AI-powered RF performance automation.

ArubaOS includes AirMatch and ClientMatch, unique capabilities that monitor and optimize Wi-Fi power, channels, connections and bandwidth across the entire wireless network to improve user experiences.
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The latest wireless standards for improved performance and security.

It's time to get your network ready for the future of the mobile, Cloud and IoT era. ArubaOS supports 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6), WPA3 and Enhanced Open Wi-Fi technology that keeps users connected and productive.
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Granular application visibility and control with AppRF.

With Mobility Master, the entire network, or individual clusters, can be upgraded to the latest firmware with no service interruption.
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A network with zero downtime.

Experience the new normal. Upgrade an entire network, or individual clusters to the latest firmware with no service interruption.
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