Central Training

Module 1 – Introduction

Learn the latest Central cloud-based management features and advantages including, management options for IAP clusters and the Mobility Access Switch (MAS), networking, configuration, guest management, report generation and maintenance.
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Module 2 – Setup

Get the basics on Zero-Touch provisioning including, registering for a Central account, using a subscription to manage devices, manually adding devices, and setting up, managing, and configuring groups.
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Module 3 – Configuration

Get a closer look at the essentials of using groups for configuration, including configuring a new WLAN with an access method, how to name APs and set RF parameters, security options, how a VPN or DHCP is used, and more!
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Module 4 – Guest Access

Get introduced to guest access features like options for Splash pages and authentication, configuring a guest wireless LAN (WLAN), registration pages, and monitoring visitors on the network.
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Guest Access

Module 5 – Mobility Access Switch (MAS)

Learn how the Mobility Access Switch (MAS) gets managed by Central, how to configure and monitor the switch and more!
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Mobility Access Switch (MAS)

Module 6 – Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Get an overview of monitoring and troubleshooting for groups and devices, attaching labels, looking at IAPs and clients, applying console commands, using troubleshooting commands, and using App/RF and event logs.
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Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Module 7 – Wireless Intrusion Detection System (IDS)/ Intrusion Protection System (IPS)

Get an overview of Wireless Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Protection System (IPS) basics like configuration and monitoring options.
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Module 8 – Administration

Get the fundamentals on reports, firmware upgrades and user management.
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