Compliance & certifications

Accelerate digital transformation with a security-first, AI-powered network from HPE Aruba Networking. Ease compliance with cybersecurity standards and regulations by using your network as a security solution.

Supply chain security and compliance concerns holding you back?

Sophisticated cyber threats and evolving regulatory requirements are creating challenges for many organizations.
  • Supply chain attacks—caused by malicious actors infiltrating systems through partners or technology vendors with access to your data and resources—are on the rise
  • New legislation requires some organizations to enhance the cybersecurity and integrity of their supply chain
  • Regional and industry cybersecurity certifications and programs can be complex to navigate and stay ahead of

A trusted secure networking vendor

HPE Aruba Networking’s powerful security capabilities deliver the confidence you need to advance mission- and business-critical digital transformation while ensuring compliance and protecting what matters most.

Products and services

Products and services

HPE Aruba Networking products and services provide built-in tools to support governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) requirements. In addition, products are developed according to software development lifecycle (SDLC) and secure software development framework (SSDF) best practices as required by cybersecurity mandates such as Executive Order 14028, NIST Special Publication 800-218: Secure Software Development Framework, and the Network and Information Security (NIS/NIS2) Directive.

Infrastructure security

Infrastructure security

HPE Aruba Networking enterprise IT teams protect the organization on behalf of team members, customers, and partners. Lab systems and networks are secured according to recognized Zero Trust Security principles and best practices. Teams maintain source code repositories to ensure safe app development. Identity and access management, public key infrastructure operations, and continuous vulnerability scanning and remediation, as well as business continuity planning, support critical business initiatives without disruption.

HPE Aruba Networking Threat Labs

HPE Aruba Networking Threat Labs

The HPE Aruba Networking Threat Labs security incident response team (SIRT) plays a vital role in ensuring products are designed to be secure—and that any vulnerabilities are resolved swiftly and completely. HPE Aruba Networking Threat Labs are focused on finding and eliminating security vulnerabilities in products, with the goal of preventing vulnerabilities in the first place.

Compliant and certified solutions

HPE Aruba Networking solutions can help your organization achieve compliance and operate within government and industry regulations.

Is your network compliant?

Use this helpful checklist to see if your organization is security compliant.

Accelerating cybersecurity compliance with HPE Aruba Networking

Discover how HPE Aruba Networking solutions can help ease regional compliance with cybersecurity standards and regulations by allowing organizations to use the network as a security solution.

U.S. Federal certifications

HPE Aruba Networking secure networking technologies are trusted by major branches of the U.S. Government, armed forces, and state and local agencies. Solutions can be used in compliance with mandates and programs such as Common Criteria, FIPS-140, DoDIN-APL, USGv6, and FedRAMP.

HPE Aruba Networking secure software development

See how HPE Aruba Networking uses secure development processes to reduce vulnerabilities while optimizing solution costs and availability.

Requirement analysis

Analyze security risks and set high-level security requirements.


Perform security threat modeling and analysis.


Design to mitigate security risks per requirements. Identify open source and third-party components.


Reuse secured components. Implement secure coding practices. Review code and use static code analysis tools.


Test security features by performing security scans, input validation, and penetration testing to achieve a secure configuration.


Digitally sign software (code signing) to verify code integrity. Scan for malware and conduct review of open-source code. Deliver software bill of materials (SBOM).


Post to HPE Aruba Networking Support Portal. Patch and maintain releases as needed.

HPE Aruba Networking secure software development

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