Campus core and data center switches

Meet the needs of your evolving campus core and data center networking requirements. Simplify operations with intelligent automation, distributed analytics, and always-on infrastructure.

The difference in Aruba campus core and data center switches

Here’s how we bring performance, simplicity, and peace of mind to the center of your network.

Simplified IT operations

Simplify network design, management, and ongoing IT operations with modern, cloud-native architecture and switching platforms.

Accelerated provisioning

Speed up infrastructure provisioning with software-defined fabric automation and orchestration. Integrate into your existing IT operational frameworks with ease.

Increased visibility and control

Get real-time, network-wide visibility with analytics in every switch. Troubleshoot and fix problems faster. Automatically detect and dynamically solve network issues before your business is impacted with Aruba AIOps.

Distributed, intelligent services

A new generation of switching architecture that combines best-of-breed L2/3 switching with the industry's first hardware-accelerated services processor.

Find the right campus core or data center switch for you

Choose from the supremely scalable to those for more demanding environments.

Aruba CX 10000 Series

Data center switch combining best-of-breed L2/3 switching with the industry's first hardware-accelerated services processor

Aruba CX 9300 Series

1U fixed configuration switch supporting 32-ports of 100/200/400GbE

Aruba CX 8400 Series

Carrier-class, high-availability core and data center switches
Aruba 8360 Switch Series

Aruba CX 8360 Series

High-performance enterprise campus and data center switch

Aruba CX 8325 Series

High-performance core and data center switches

Aruba CX 8320 Series

Scalable aggregation, core and data center switches

Aruba CX 6400 Series

High-availability modular switches for versatile edge access to data center deployments

Aruba CX 6300 Series

Layer 3 stackable access and aggregation switches with Smart Rate and High Power PoE

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Introducing Aruba Fabric Composer

Introducing Aruba Fabric Composer

Aruba Fabric Composer is a smart, software-defined orchestration solution for enterprise data center networks. It enables operators to orchestrate a specific set of switches as a single networking fabric, significantly simplifying day-to-day IT operations.

Accelerate and simplify your transition to hybrid cloud

Discover networking solutions for the evolving data center.

Cloud-native architecture

Aruba CX switching delivers cutting-edge hardware, intuitive management tools, and an operating system built on cloud-native design principles for evolving data centers.

Complexity-busting automation

Simplify the management of your network, enjoy turnkey automation with Aruba NetEdit, and enable the use of orchestration tools and custom software with full programmability.

Actionable insights with distributed analytics

Perform intelligent monitoring, detect problems in real time, and predict security and performance issues with an integrated Network Analytics Engine (NAE). Available in select Aruba CX switch.

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