2024 VPN Risk Report

The new 2024 VPN Risk Report has recently shed light on alarming data concerning the present condition of VPN security, presenting a grim reality for organizations. The study discloses that a staggering 92% of organizations harbor apprehensions about the security capabilities of their VPNs.

Cybersecurity Insiders conducted a survey involving cybersecurity professionals to delve into the current status of VPNs, the intricacies of managing VPNs today, issues affecting user experience, susceptibility to various cyberattacks, and their potential to undermine the overall security stance of organizations.

Check out the report to gain insights into:

  • The prevalent VPN risks that organizations are grappling with today
  • The impact of VPNs on users, administrators, and third parties
  • The reasons why a zero trust solution is the optimal remedy for VPN-related issues

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