Accelerate your journey to SASE with a unified platform

No-compromise networking and security at the edge

EdgeConnect SD-WAN

Architect an advanced secure SD-WAN edge that delivers maximum application performance and security at the branch.

EdgeConnect SD-Branch

Consolidate branch networking components for maximum integration across WLAN, LAN and SD-WAN.

EdgeConnect Microbranch

Ideally suited for microbranch or work-from-home sites, using a range of remote APs.


Secure connectivity to private apps with least privilege access.


Secure access to the Internet and protect against malicious online threats.


Secure access to SaaS applications and protect against data loss.


Monitor user performance and troubleshoot user access issues for all traffic.

No-compromise networking and security at the edge

Choose where to start your SASE journey

start with ztna

choose where to start your SASE journey

start with sd-wan

Five reasons to adopt a single-vendor SASE approach

Networking teams win with HPE Aruba Networking unified SASE

The benefits of unified SASE extend to those responsible for the integrity and performance of the IT infrastructure—its design, implementation, integration, and technical governance.

The journey to unified SASE starts with SD-WAN

Deliver the highest levels of optimization, orchestration, application performance, and availability with a unified solution.

Shift to a business-first network

Move to a modern networking and security solution—one that will satisfy the needs of financial controllers, CISOs, operations managers, innovators, legal and ESG directors, and your workers.

Deliver maximum value from cloud

Extend the benefits of SD-WAN to simplify and automate multi-cloud connectivity to leading cloud and SaaS providers with a unified SASE solution.

Connect and protect to contain costs

Consolidate operations, remove roadblocks between network and security teams, and reduce costs by unifying two technologies into one platform, one contract, and one UI.

HPE Aruba Networking leads at the edge

HPE Aruba Networking leads at the edge

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