AI-Powered Solutions

Artificial Intelligence for powering high performance, secure network experiences.

By applying machine learning, Aruba is able to solve a broad range of networking and security challenges. Insights gained from thousands of installations provides Aruba and our customers with a unique advantage. By combining advanced data science and real-world experience, Aruba delivers proven AI solutions to optimize IT efficiency and user experiences.


The Aruba AI advantage.

The key to successful application of artificial intelligence and machine learning is not the math – but having the domain expertise, accessing the right data and real-world experiences to validate the solution. Aruba uniquely combines all of these to deliver autonomous networking and advanced cyberattack detection.
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Data + Insights = Amazing Experiences.

From smart buildings to college campuses,
Aruba helps thousands of organizations optimize their user experiences.


AI-Powered mobility.

How is Aruba’s Mobile First Architecture able to deliver the best Wi-Fi performance and mobile user experience in the industry? By collecting, analyzing and responding to a wide range of user, network and RF performance data – using both supervised and unsupervised machine learning.
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AI Powered Security.

It’s only through machine learning-based behavioral analytics that advanced attacks can be found and acted upon – before they can do damage. Aruba ClearPass and IntroSpect together provide unmatched analytics-driven protection against today's changing threat landscape.
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