Data Center Networking Solutions

Networking for the evolving data center.

The Aruba portfolio of CX switches simplifies data center networking via intelligent automation, distributed analytics and always-on infrastructure. This simplified model reduces risks, improves efficiency and delivers a high-performance network.


A cloud-native networking architecture.

The Aruba CX switching portfolio is designed for today’s demanding, evolving data center networks. Cutting-edge hardware, a cloud-native operating system, and intuitive management tools reduce risk, improve IT efficiency, and ensure networks are always available.
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Mastering complexity with automation.

Simplify the management of your data center network with automation options that align with today’s needs. Aruba’s NetEdit administration tool delivers turnkey automation. Full programmability and a RESTful API enable the use of network overlays, IT orchestration tools and custom automation software.
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Actionable insights with distributed analytics.

Each Aruba CX switch includes an integrated Network Analytics Engine (NAE) that performs intelligent monitoring, detects problems in real time and analyzes trends to help predict or even avoid future security and performance issues.
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An always-on network infrastructure.

Achieve a new level of high availability needed in today’s data centers. Aruba CX switches include AOS-CX, a resilient operating system that automatically isolates software failures and provides for non-disruptive recovery. Aruba VSX offers a robust and simple solution for live upgrades of AOS-CX with zero downtime.
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Top-of-Rack switches.

The Aruba CX 8325 and 8320 models deliver high performance in a compact form factor that is ideal for top-of-rack switching.
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Modular chassis switches.

Maximize the flexibility and performance of your data center network with highly-scalable Aruba CX 8400 and 6400 switches.
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