Firewall replacement

Replace your branch network firewall with a secure SD-WAN for enhanced security, efficiency, and sustainability on your journey to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN is first to attain ICSA Labs secure SD-WAN certification

Aruba EdgeConnect advanced security features eliminate the need for dedicated branch firewalls, without compromising security or connectivity.
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Legacy firewalls are ineffective in securing branch offices

Legacy branch firewalls are difficult to manage and do not enforce consistent security across the enterprise.

Inconsistent security policy

Legacy firewalls require manual configuration and local trained personnel, leading to inconsistent security policy across branches.

Ineffective protection against evolving threats

Legacy firewalls fall short on supporting Zero Trust and SASE architectures for users connecting from anywhere.

Network complexity at the branch

IT teams struggle with the complexity of managing expensive equipment accumulated over many years, including firewalls, routers, and WAN optimization devices that were never designed to work together.

Combine advanced SD-WAN with a built-in next-generation firewall

Holistic security

Holistic security

Enforce consistent security policies spanning the WAN and the LAN with built-in end-to-end, next-generation firewall capabilities including IDS/IPS, DDoS protection, and enterprise-wide micro-segmentation.

Increased efficiency

Increased efficiency

Easily deploy Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN through centralized orchestration and Zero Touch Provisioning. Security policies are configured centrally, which requires no locally trained personnel.

Enhanced sustainability

Enhanced sustainability

Consolidate branch network and security functions to move to a thin branch model. Reduce the hardware footprint and power consumption in branches by removing firewalls, routers, and WAN optimization devices.

Best-of-breed SASE

Best-of-breed SASE

Tightly integrate advanced secure SD-WAN functions with leading SSE (Security Service Edge) solutions. In this mode, Aruba EdgeConnect intelligently steers traffic based on centralized policy.

Discover Aruba EdgeConnect security features

Learn more about Aruba EdgeConnect with instructional videos presented by Aruba experts.

Replacing branch firewalls with a secure SD-WAN

Learn how a secure SD-WAN can replace branch firewalls, enforce an end-to-end security policy, and reduce the hardware footprint in branches.

Secure SD-WAN and next-generation firewall

Learn how a secure SD-WAN leverages advanced security capabilities such as deep packet inspection, IDS/IPS, DDoS protection, and role-based access to create an end-to-end next-generation firewall.

Overview of EdgeConnect SD-WAN Security

Discover the advanced security features embedded in EdgeConnect Secure SD-WAN including IDS/IPS, DDoS defense, Zero Trust segmentation, and Web filtering.

Secure SD-WAN and IDS/IPS

Understand how a secure SD-WAN identifies and prevents network intrusions by creating fabric-wide security policies for IDS/IPS based on roles and zones.

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