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Simple business-class networking without sacrifice.

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Smart. Simple. Secure.

Give your employees and customers an amazing networking experience that is reliable but doesn't sacrifice performance, features or security.
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Business growing but your budget isn’t?

It’s time to make the change. Cloud-managed network solutions not only reduce overheads, but allows you to spread costs over time. These are the 6 essential questions to ask when choosing a cloud-managed network.
6 questions to ask


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Pinpoint the ideal network solution for your business – in just 2 minutes. Take the effort out of finding the right switch, access point or network management solution.
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IT just works.

Deliver what you need to keep IoT devices and your business up and running. Multi-gigabit Ethernet and smart stacking technology mean your network can easily scale as your business grows. Future-proof your investments today.
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Spend time focusing on what really matters.

Take less time to get your job done. With Aruba Central and Aruba Instant Wireless access points you can manage your network using a "single pane of glass".
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Get scalable Wi-Fi in an Instant.

Aruba Instant access points are powerful, simple to setup and affordable. As your network grows, they grow with you – just plug and play.
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IAP303 - Aruba’s plug-and-play access point