Securing the Enterprise

Vanishing perimeters and advanced threats create new risks.

Mobile, cloud and IoT have redefined network security as organizations become more vulnerable to new, targeted threats. A perimeter-based security approach is insufficient. Aruba’s enterprise network security solutions give granular visibility and control over who and what's connected, what they are authorized to do – and timely response if their behavior has changed.
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A new way to deal with security threats.

Highly organized and targeted attacks happen all too often. You need a new approach to deal with this ever-changing threat landscape. Aruba is changing the game by providing an enterprise wired and wireless network security framework with an integrated and more comprehensive way to gain back visibility and control.
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Gartner’s 7 CARTA Security Imperatives

Learn about Gartner’s continuously adaptive security approach and Aruba’s perspectives.
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Managing and Protecting Your Data

GDPR introduces a new gold standard for data protection. NIST now establishes a comprehensive security framework. See how Aruba ensures that policies and practices are in place to manage and protect data.
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Protection starts with ironclad network access control.

It only takes one click to compromise a network. Aruba ClearPass provides proactive network access control covering an entire set of use cases – from wired to wireless, guest and BYOD onboarding, and policy-based remediation and response.
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Detect attacks on the inside with UEBA.

Traditional security products that rely on signatures, pattern-matching or rules for detection are fine for known attacks. It is the unknown attack that has the potential to do the most damage to an organization. Aruba IntroSpect User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) delivers machine learning-based attack detection for threats on the inside of the network.
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Use all your defenses in an open, multi-vendor ecosystem.

Partnerships are critical for an effective security defense strategy. Aruba works with more than 120 vendors in an open environment via REST API’s to easily add new product integrations and custom enhancements. The Aruba 360 Security Exchange ecosystem brings together best-of-breed third-party solutions to provide end-to-end network security.
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