The network as a tool for transformation

Today’s enterprise network. A connectivity cost center? Or a revenue-driving asset, capable of boosting multiple areas of business?

We’ve tested our hypothesis that those who are investing in their network approach are seeing faster, stronger business outcomes. This is what we found.

Gain insights from 2,100 IT leaders across 21 markets globally. How do they view the network?

2,100 IT leaders

21 Markets

Where is the network currently delivering return on investment?


say their network is primarily viewed as a tool for digital transformation



say their organization and C-Suite see it as a tool for functional connectivity only

Where do the business and the network connect?

IT leaders told us the 3 strongest relationships between the network and various parts of the business are:

  • IT efficiency
  • Operational efficiency
  • Cybersecurity

Beyond digital transformation


Beyond the digital transformation space, there is also a growing recognition from IT leaders of the network’s power for broader business transformation.

There is massive untapped potential for the network to deliver data insights to drive innovation.

Data-insight delivery is still an area that needs greater business-wide awareness of the network’s relevance

The value of data is recognized


of IT leaders say access to data is either fundamental to or important for unlocking new revenue streams and services in the coming 12 months

The pressure is on IT


said their organization is looking to IT to deliver these data-driven insights

Confidence about data-insight delivery is varied

There’s a mixed picture among IT leaders about confidence in their business’ ability to leverage the power of data insights:


are highly confident where there has been network investment in past 2 years


are highly confident where there has been no network investment

61% of IT leaders who have invested in the network over the past two years expressed high confidence in their company’s ability to leverage the power of data insights

For those IT leaders who have not been able to invest in the network, confidence in their company’s ability drops to 46%. And the bad news continues…


less likely to have unlocked new revenue streams (through use of data over past 12 months)


less likely to have delivered cost savings (through data)

There is a clear link between investment and strengthened business ability

A modern, agile network will be more robust, providing better support for the computing-intensive, AI-automated analysis of huge amounts of data.

Automation eases the burden on IT teams. Budgeting should be channeled into the right infrastructure to ensure the network is a tool for transformation.

The right type of network stretches connectivity from edge to cloud—giving businesses real-time access to data for fast, informed decision-making.

Harnessing the network advantage for what comes next

Our research shows that there is a lost opportunity for IT leaders to really underscore the importance of a modern network for business outcomes that go beyond digital transformation.

We have just scratched the surface—download the report to discover more insight on:

  • The network’s relevance for data-insight delivery, and the industry's confidence in leveraging data
  • The importance of good digital employee experiences for talent attraction, acquisition, and retention
  • The importance of a modern network for business outcomes that go beyond digital transformation