What is SD-Branch?

SD-Branch Explained

SD-Branch is a solution that delivers a simple way to centrally automate the deployment, management, and operation of your wired, wireless, WAN, and security infrastructure under a single, software-defined framework for policy and segmentation to meet today’s IT, users, IoT devices, and business needs.

More than SD-WAN, SD-Branch addresses the entire remote branch experience from the edge to the cloud to the core, with strong security and software-defined performance benefits.

How does SD-Branch work?

Think of SD-Branch as enterprise SD-WAN + SD-LAN (wired and wireless networking) + edge-to-cloud security, all within a software-defined framework, centrally managed from the cloud, and designed to meet the needs of organizations with hundreds or thousands of branch locations.

SD-Branch is a combination of SD-WAN, SD-LAN and Edge-to-Cloud Security

A cloud-managed solution simplifies the management and operations of the full-stack of networking capabilities within each branch location, as well as connectivity across the WAN. Networking components managed by SD-Branch include branch gateways, headend gateways and cloud virtual gateways, local wireless access points, and switches.

Why SD-Branch?

SD-WAN alone can’t deliver high-end experiences for end users and IT teams alike. Simplifying IT operations from the edge to the core requires rethinking the approach to branch networking and security. IT needs a comprehensive solution that includes WAN and LAN management to ensure end-to-end security and reduce complexity—at scale —and without dedicated onsite IT staff.

SD-Branch benefits include:

  • Visibility, automation, and security at the branch to enhance productivity for IT and users.
  • A simpler, faster approach to replace MPLS links and reduce WAN management costs.
  • An optimized user experience regardless of where users connect or which apps they use.
  • Zero Trust and SASE frameworks to address the broadest range of use cases.

Is SD-Branch right for you?

SD-Branch can help your organization address the following issues:

  • Tackle network complexity across disparate systems for wired, wireless, WAN, and security
  • Reduce onsite branch IT support
  • Simplify and automate secure multi-cloud connectivity to leading cloud providers
  • Reduce troubleshooting time and effort
  • Set up networking at new branch locations in minutes
  • Decrease budget sensitivity, especially for small/micro branch installations
  • Eliminate resource-intensive and error-prone VLAN-enforced security configurations

Key capabilities of SD-Branch

SD-Branch includes the following critical capabilities:

  • Centralized Management—A single pane-of-glass provides unified management, AIOps, and security for wired, wireless, and SD-WAN and includes a centralized software licensing model.
  • Simplified Deployment—Zero-touch provisioning with an installer app reduces the time, cost, and complexity of installing branch office networks.
  • Dynamic Segmentation—Enforces context-aware zero trust policies, eliminating manual configuration of numerous VLANs with a single VLAN deployment.
  • SD-WAN Orchestration—Automatically sets up IPsec tunnels between gateways, building the SD-WAN overlay for very large networks.
  • End to End QoS—Provides application visibility and policy enforcement for over 3200 applications from Wi-Fi to WAN to the cloud.
  • SaaS and IaaS acceleration—Dynamically identifies optimal paths for high priority SaaS applications and virtual gateways for AWS and Azure tunnels.
  • Role Based Policy—Enforces security and also defines WAN policies.
  • Unified Security—Embraces a scalable, flexible, Zero Trust and SASE methodology from edge-to-cloud, LAN, and WAN. Flexibility for organizations to adopt SASE at their own pace.

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