Aruba Mobility Controller Virtual Appliance

Offering the functionality of a hardware controller in a cost-effective virtualized environment, Aruba’s Mobility Controller Virtual Appliance delivers industry-leading network services that maximize Wi-Fi performance.

Same functionality, virtual appliance

The Mobility Controller Virtual Appliance lets you leverage your existing virtualization infrastructure to deploy enterprise WLAN at scale.

Simplify secure access

Simplify secure access

Easily centralize the configuration of role-based access controls with Aruba’s built-in Policy Enforcement Firewall for Dynamic Segmentation.

Cost-effective Wi-Fi, maximum flexibility

Cost-effective Wi-Fi, maximum flexibility

Extends your existing virtualization infrastructure to support Wi-Fi deployments for large branches and campus environments without the need to purchase additional hardware.

Seamless L2/L3 roaming

Seamless L2/L3 roaming

Ensuring the highest levels of performance and availability for campuses and large branches, the Mobility Controller Virtual Appliance delivers seamless L2/L3 roaming for thousands of users or client devices.

Deploy enterprise WLANs on existing virtualization infrastructure

Scales to 16,000 concurrent users

Manages up to 16,000 concurrent users and 1,000 access points, with the ability to add additional virtual appliances, memory, and compute resources.

Support for the most popular VM platforms

Offering maximum flexibility, the Aruba VMC can be installed on VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, and open-source KVM instances.

Dynamic Segmentation for simplicity and security

Enforcing granular user, device, and application policies over access points and network switches means there's no need to configure separate VLANs, ACLs, and subnets.

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)-capable

Featuring Wi-Fi 6 support, including WPA3 and Enhanced Open, the Aruba VMC is backward-compatible, meeting the performance demands of a wide range of IoT and mobile devices.

Flexible deployment

To deliver network services for improved performance, roaming, and security, deploy the Mobility Controller Virtual Appliance standalone or manage via the Aruba Mobility Conductor.

Details and specifications for the Aruba Mobility Controller Virtual Appliance

  • Models and capacity
    Maximum AP count10502501,000
    Maximum client counts2568004,00016,000

    Note: The Mobility Controller VA can be scaled by installing multiple instances of MC-VA-1K.

    • 4x instances of MC-VA-1K install can scale up to 4,000 APs and 64,000 clients
    • 6x instances of MC-VA-1K install can scale up to 6,000 APs and 96,000 clients
  • Service and warranty
    • Software: 90 days, can be extended with support contract
Wi-Fi 6E

Wi-Fi 6E

Extending Wi-Fi 6 to the 6 GHz band, Wi-Fi 6E provides a more contiguous spectrum and less interference while supporting multi-gigabit speeds and extremely low latency.

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Aruba Support dashboard screenshot

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