U.S. Federal Government Networking Solutions

Advanced network and security solutions ready for tomorrow’s hybrid demands.

Today’s scalable, secure, and agile networks are essential for transforming and expediting mission response. Aruba solutions are cloud-ready, and have delivered mobile and nimble IT services to thousands of major branches of the US Government and Armed Services.
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Applying innovation for a brighter tomorrow.

Aruba’s Architecture is an open, software-driven approach that combines intelligence, visibility and security across a unified infrastructure. See how we help transform government networks.
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MultiZone: a centralized model like no other.

Aruba offers government IT a more secure Wi-Fi environment. MultiZone allows agencies to segment classified and unclassified access using a single set of APs, while delivering IT simplicity and cost savings.
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Classified networks, with FedRAMP in process.

With FedRAMP authorization in process, cloud management, automation, and analytics are within reach, bringing the benefits of Aruba’s commercial and enterprise cloud services to federal, state, and local government networks.
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Aruba beefs up the Pentagon’s secure wireless and wired networks.

U.S. Department of Defense has partnered with Aruba to modernize classified and unclassified networks.
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Aruba Dynamic Segmentation.

To handle user mobility and emerging IoT connectivity requirements, Aruba’s wired and wireless networks automatically apply access policies, regardless of the user or device type and where in the network they’re connecting.
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Aruba ClearPass Policy Management.

Government organizations need a better way to centrally manage who and what can connect to their networks. Aruba ClearPass, simplifies role-based access controls across your wired and wireless networks for a unified approach.
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Aruba access switches.

Performance and operational simplicity for federal networks.
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Additional features.

Everything from advanced cryptography to Multi-Factor Authorization.
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