Internet of Things

Unify IT, IoT, and Operational Technology (OT) networks

Easily adapt to evolving business requirements with a hyper-aware network that combines IoT data with network-enabled contextual analytics.

“I have analyzed Aruba ESP and believe its architectural platform based on a unified infrastructure, zero-trust security, and AIOps has the potential to reduce complexity and accelerate smart facility and hyper-awareness use cases both on-prem and in the cloud.”

Will Townsend, Senior Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy

Hyper-aware smart buildings for enterprises, education, healthcare, hospitality, retail and government.

Building control and digital twin enablement

Using native AI capabilities to create real-time simulation models that change and learn in lock-step with the building, Aruba and technology partners can create digital twins or software models to identify sub-optimized processes, recommend operational enhancements, and monitor the trajectory of energy usage needed for proactive interventions.

Context-aware, real-time emergency response

During an incident, building occupants need real-time safety information pushed to their mobile devices and first responders need to communicate with those in harm’s way. Aruba ESP, with integrated solutions from technology partners like Critical Arc and Patrocinium, can communicate with tenants, visitors, and staff. The use of unique 4D graphics lets first responders quickly see where people are within buildings.

Seamless extension of 5G with Wi-Fi

Aruba ESP allows mobile operators to easily extend their 5G footprint into any building to power Wi-Fi calling while delivering gigabit-class performance using Aruba Air Slice technology. This provides a seamless user experience and non-stop connectivity without the need for costly and complex distributed antenna systems.

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To learn more about designing hyper-aware smart buildings, read the white paper.

Hyper-aware industrial facilities.

Predictive maintenance

Proactive maintenance reduces downtime and maximizes the use and performance of assets, decreasing maintenance costs by up to 40%. Through deep integration with technology partner devices like ABB’s Ability Smart Sensor, Aruba ESP enables machinery sensors to monitor machinery like motor drives, valves and pumps, spotting problems before they happen and improving productivity, reliability, and efficiency.

Reduce repair time with location services

Navigating large industrial sites can be challenging, resulting in inefficiencies and safety issues. This can be avoided with native location services from Aruba Meridian and Aruba ESP to help site occupants find their way with turn-by-turn navigation.

Personnel and asset safety monitoring

For environments with potentially explosive conditions, location-based safety systems are often mandated to safeguard employees and visitors. Aruba ESP, together with technology partner Mobilaris Group, can deliver real-time 3D situational awareness by tracking the location of people and assets.

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To learn more about designing hyper-aware industrial facilities, read the white paper.


Unify IoT, IT, and Operational Technology (OT) networks with Aruba ESP.

Deep integration with technology partners and software enhancements with Aruba ESP dramatically advance IT and OT teams’ ability to automatically adapt and respond to the physical and technical needs that power hyper-aware facilities—so they can easily support evolving business needs while driving new outcomes.
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